Proctored testing may be required in some online and blended learning courses, particularly math courses.

A “suitable proctored environment” is an environment directly monitored by an instructor, other third party-approved entity (e.g., Proctor U), testing center administrator or other learning provider, in a physical or virtual setting and approved by faculty. While proctors must be approved by the instructor, some suitable proctors may include a Tri-C Assessment Center, Proctor U, other accredited college or university testing centers, and military education centers. If the testing center requires a fee, it is the student’s responsibility to pay it. With Proctor U, each fully online student may to take up to two exams, in the form of two 31- to 60-minute exams or one 61- to 120-minute exam, free of charge. Students must pay for any additional exams taken with Proctor U. For more information about proctoring for online classes, visit