The Aspire program offers free classes for adults who need help acquiring the skills to be successful in college, training, or employment.

Our classes are offered to::

  • Improve Academic Skills
  • Prepare students for the workforce
  • Assist with HSE (High School Equivalency) test preparation
  • Improve English for Speakers of Other Languages (ELL/ESOL)
  • Prepare for a job, college or training

Morning and evening classes are offered at Cuyahoga Community College's Eastern, Western, Westshore, Corporate College West, and Metropolitan campuses as well as many other locations within Cuyahoga County. The program is for adults ages 16 and older whose skills are below a 12th-grade level.

Aspire is part of the University System of Ohio and is funded by federal and state grants through the Ohio Department of Higher Education.

For more information or to register, visit or call:

  • Metro Campus: 216-987-3029
  • Eastern Campus: 216-987-2135
  • Eastern Suburbs and Cleveland East: 216-371-7138 or  Euclid only 216-261-5006
  • Western Suburbs and Cleveland West: 216-529-4240

Adult Diploma Program

The Adult Diploma Program offers adults, ages 22 and older, residing in Cuyahoga County, an opportunity to earn an high school diploma. The program includes career advisement, a national career readiness certificate, and preparation for in-demand careers in Northeast Ohio that require a high school diploma. Participants complete their Ohio high school diploma requirements by participating in a competency-based learning program that demonstrates a mastery of skills to prepare them for in-demand career fields such as health care, manufacturing, logistics, and construction. There is no cost to participants except time and commitment. Cuyahoga Community College launched this program in July 2015 with funding from the Ohio Department of Education. For additional information, visit or contact the program at 216-987-0610 or