Cooperative Education/Experiential Learning

The Cooperative Education (co-op) program supplements formal classroom education with on-the-job experience in a variety of academic disciplines, typically within the timeframe of an academic semester. Co-op assignments are at least 180 hours where students receive pay for the work they do, earn academic credit for documented learning derived from their experiences and are evaluated by employers and the co-op instructor. Students may earn a maximum of nine credits for cooperative work experience, which may be applied toward certain degree requirements.

Both part-time and full-time co-op work schedules are available and can be coordinated with students’ academic schedules.

To participate in the Cooperative Education work experience program, students must:

  • Be a current Tri-C student studying for a degree or certificate;
  • Have completed 12 or more credits of college-level coursework (transfer credits included);
  • Have successfully completed at least two courses related to the major field or have equivalent experience (subject to the employer’s requirements);
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 2.75 or better;
  • Complete the co-op application and orientation process;
  • Complete three job readiness workshops (Resumes That Get Results, Ace That Interview and New Job: Tips for Success!);
  • Complete and sign an experiential learning agreement;
  • Enroll in the designated co-op course section by the start date.

The benefits of cooperative education include paid, hands-on experience in the field of study before graduation, the ability to earn academic credit in the major and the opportunity to network with employers. Contact the Career Center at 866-933-5180 or visit for more information.


Tutoring at each campus provides students the resources to improve skills, develop strengths and maximize achievement in many college courses. Study guides, outlines and books can be reviewed to help students organize work. Individual and small group tutoring is available in many academic subjects. Online tutoring service Smarthinking is an additional resource available to students in select subject areas. Workshops on specified topics are offered at several campus tutoring centers.

Visit or call to find out how to learn more effectively:

  • Eastern Campus: 216-987-2256 • ESS 1108
  • Metropolitan Campus: 216-987-4311 • MSS 4th floor
  • Western Campus: 216-987-5537 • WTLC GT 115
  • Westshore Campus: 216-987-5902 • WSHCS Atrium (under the stairs)
  • Westshore at CCW: 216-987-5902 • CCW 80 (lower level, Learning Café) • CCW 16 (Math Lab)

Learning Commons

A full range of library, tutoring, academic computing and educational media support is available to students and faculty in the Learning Commons on each campus.

Each campus Learning Commons provides access to a variety of resources and information – librarians to assist with research, course materials placed on reserve by instructors, study spaces, computer labs, laptops and equipment loans. Students may use Tri-C’s College-wide catalog to browse a collection of more than 170,000 books, periodicals, newspapers, non-print media, materials from local libraries and academic resources throughout the state of Ohio.

The open computer lab provides access to the latest learning technologies – computers, academic software, network resources and information services. Learning Commons staff is available Monday through Saturday to help with College-related computer applications.

Each campus Learning Commons also provides a wide variety of tutoring and media support services including access to and setup of equipment for classrooms and events.

Student-Faculty Conferences

Tri-C’s full-time faculty members maintain scheduled office hours to confer with students regarding classwork and related matters. Office hours are announced by instructors and posted outside of faculty offices. Students are urged to familiarize themselves with the schedules and to contact their instructors during those hours. Part-time (adjunct) faculty are encouraged, but not required, to hold office hours – however, they are available to meet with students upon request. Adjunct faculty include information about their availability for student conferences and the process for requesting such meetings in their syllabi. 

College Pathway Programs (CPP)

The Office of College Pathway Programs (CPP) is a component of Cuyahoga Community College’s Division of Access, Learning and Success. The unit provides services to both current and prospective students, including recruitment and enrollment growth initiatives and K-12 programming. CPP also administers the Aeronautics Education Laboratory through the MUREP Aerospace Academy, formerly the Science, Engineering, Math and Aerospace Academy (SEMAA) program. Included in the Office of CPP are Youth and Early College, Innovative and Emerging, and Adult-Focused program units. CPP provides programs and services to improve access, retention and success for those in targeted groups (e.g., low income, first generation, minority, women in transition, youth, recipients of public resources) among the eligible adult and youth populations in Greater Cleveland. Individual program descriptions appear below. Visit the CPP website at

Tri-C’s College Pathway Programs share common goals:

  • To increase educational opportunities for youth;
  • To assist students in gaining access to higher education;
  • To motivate students to participate in college courses while in high school; and
  • To provide opportunities to foster student success through interventions such as assessment, coaching and mentoring.

Strategic partnerships with area school districts enable CPP to customize academic and student support services to meet the needs of students from diverse backgrounds. Cuyahoga Community College is committed to personal and educational excellence through its affordable and efficient approach to higher education.

Youth & Early College Programs

Youth and Early College Programs share common goals:

  • To increase educational opportunities for youth;
  • To assist students in gaining access to higher education;
  • To motivate students to participate in college courses while in high school; and
  • To provide opportunities to foster student success through interventions such as assessment, coaching and mentoring.

The College Success Program

The College Success Program is a partnership between Cuyahoga Community College and the Cleveland Metropolitan School District (CMSD) to prepare CMSD students to successfully transition into college-level courses. Many high school graduates place into remedial math and English courses, costing them additional time and money and making it less likely that they will finish college. The College Success Program seeks to remedy these math and English deficiencies in CMSD graduates by increasing the number of students who successfully progress through high school, graduate, enroll in postsecondary education at the college level and succeed in their college coursework. The College Success Program has three components: College Success Outreach Centers at six selected CMSD high schools; the College Success Summer Academy at Tri-C’s Metropolitan Campus; and a unique First Year Experience for students transitioning to Cuyahoga Community College upon high school graduation. The program is funded by Cuyahoga Community College. Call 216-987-4196 for more information.

Educational Talent Search

Educational Talent Search is a federally funded pre-college program created in 1965 as part of the Higher Education Act. It is designed to motivate and develop the skills necessary for students to be successful in secondary school, graduate and enroll in an institution of postsecondary education. Among the pioneer TRIO programs in the country, Cuyahoga Community College’s Educational Talent Search program has been in existence since 1968.

Students in grades 6 through 12 are eligible to participate. CMSD students who are low-income and potential first-generation college students are targeted for participation. Educational Talent Search advisors and instructional assistants provide workshops on careers, financial aid, test preparation for OGT, PSAT, ACT, SAT and ACCUPLACER, along with individual counseling and tutoring sessions to assist students in achieving their pre-college and college entrance goals. Students also participate in college tours as well as cultural activities. Talent Search serves over 1,250 students annually. Call 216-987-6310 for more information. 

High Tech Academy (HTA)

High Tech Academy is an innovative dual enrollment program in which CMSD students in grades 10 through 12 attend a half-day of classes at their high schools and a half-day of college classes at Tri-C’s Metropolitan Campus. HTA offers a rigorous curriculum that helps develop students’ academic, technical and leadership skills. Students can choose classes from various HTA pathways, including college preparatory (liberal arts), engineering technology, information technology, business management, health careers and creative arts. Ultimately, the college-level classes count toward graduation requirements in high school. This educational collaboration coordinates programming for more than 270 CMSD high school students annually. Set apart from traditional College Credit Plus, the High Tech Academy offers many enrichment components to foster achievement and career exploration and features a required community service component. CMSD and Tri-C administrators oversee daily program operations on campus.

Founded in 2000, HTA received major support from National City and NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. Now, with generous and continuous support from PNC, HTA students are afforded unique opportunities and experiences with tuition costs paid on their behalf.

Upon high school graduation, HTA seniors have an opportunity to apply for the HTA Completion Scholarship, established for students who wish to continue on to earn an associate degree from Tri-C. Other students transfer to four-year colleges and universities or enter the workforce. More than 900 students have earned college credits through HTA, with more than 50 having earned an associate degree at the same time as their high school diploma. Call 216-987-3549 for more information.

MUREP Aerospace Academy (MAA)

The Minority University Research Education Project (MUREP) Aerospace Academy, formerly known as SEMAA (Science, Engineering, Mathematics and Aerospace Academy), is an innovative national program designed to increase the participation and retention of historically underserved and underrepresented K-12 youth in the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). MAA‘s ultimate goal is to increase the number of students in the identified populations who enroll in STEM-related academic majors in college. Free Saturday classes during the fall, spring and summer academic sessions offer a hands-on, inquiry-based, cooperative learning environment for students to explore STEM fields. The summer session includes two weeks of STEM enrichment activities. 

With a focus on aerospace and earth science, participants engage in StarLab (portable planetarium) and field trip activities. Middle and high school students engage in learning activities in the MAA Aerospace Education Laboratory, a state-of-the-art, computerized classroom that uses cutting-edge technologies to model real-world challenges in aviation, robotics and microgravity research. While students attend the academic session, parents and guardians are invited to participate in the Family Café where they can experience interactive STEM activities, lessons and presentations that support whole-family learning and help prepare students for college or technical careers. This forum encourages parents to share best practices of effective ways to support students interested in STEM fields.

Established as the first joint venture with NASA and Congress, the MAA program has grown from a single site to a national organization that serves 1,200 students annually at the Metropolitan Campus. MAA is supported by NASA MUREP Aerospace Academy, NASA Glenn Research Center, Cuyahoga Community College, Paragon TEC Inc., PPG Industries Foundation, Thomas H. White Foundation, Time Warner Cable, Fay Sharpe LLP, Chums Inc. Cleveland Chapter and VWR International. Call 216-987-6301 or visit for more information.

Upward Bound (UB)

Upward Bound is a federally funded pre-college program for high school students that helps participants develop the skills and motivation needed to succeed in postsecondary education. UB provides college, career and financial aid counseling, tutoring, field trips and test preparation for the OGT, ACT and SAT tests. Students also attend a six-week summer session, and graduating seniors attend an eight-week bridge component. UB is funded by the U.S. Department of Education. Call 216-987-4927 or visit for more information.

Upward Bound Math /Science (UBMS)

Upward Bound Math/Science is a federally funded pre-college program for high school students interested in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) careers. Serving students at East Technical High School, Garrett Morgan Cleveland School of Science Academy and Lincoln-West High School, UBMS provides individualized and small-group educational services that support students in building a mastery of core content knowledge. In addition to year-round academic planning and advising, students engage in hands-on, project-based learning activities, monthly educational workshops and a six-week summer STEM academy.

UBMS provides an academically enriching and rigorous math and science curriculum year-round to prepare students for academic success in high school and college. Students receive computer and technology training along with standardized test preparation. College, career, financial literacy and scholarship assistance provide students and families with information and resources to support the pursuit of postsecondary education. Call 216-987-4956 or visit for more information.

Innovative and Emerging Programs

Gateway to College

Gateway to College helps high school dropouts ages 16-21 and students on the verge of dropping out to earn a high school diploma while also earning college credits. By providing another path to a high school diploma and the opportunity to go to college, Gateway to College is helping thousands of young people rewrite the story of their lives. Call 216-987-0244 for more information.

North Coast Tech Prep

The Tech Prep program enables high school students in grades 11 and 12 to participate in state-approved career and technical programs to earn articulated college credit upon high school graduation. The curriculum reflects real-world technical careers in high demand today. Tech Prep enables a smooth transition from high school into two-and four-year college degree programs. Call 216-987-5626 for more information.

Central State University & Historically Black Colleges and Universities Transfer Program

The Central State & HBCU Transfer Initiative is a partnership between Cuyahoga Community College and Central State University in Wilberforce, Ohio. Student participants are urged to complete their associate degree at Tri-C and move directly into their junior year at Central State University. Students majoring in most areas can also earn credits through the project’s dual enrollment component, and transferring credits is a seamless process.

A major advantage for student participants is saving thousands of dollars by beginning their coursework in high school or at Cuyahoga Community College. Call 216-987-3260 for more information.

TRIO Student Support Services (SSS)

The TRIO SSS programs provide needed support services to students of the Metropolitan, Eastern, and Western Campuses through graduation and/or transfer to a four-year institution. Services include: academic and financial aid advising, career exploration, tutoring, study groups, and transfer assistance. Qualified participants include U.S. citizens or permanent residents who are income eligible and first-generation college students with a need for academic support services. Students may participate in only one campus SSS program. SSS is funded by the U.S. Department of Education and Cuyahoga Community College.  For more information, visit or call:

  • Metropolitan Campus: 216-987-4149
  • Eastern Campus: 216-987-2700
  • Western Campus: 216-987-5360 

Adult-Focused Programs

Adult Diploma Program

The Adult Diploma Program offers adults ages 22 and older an opportunity to earn a high school diploma. The program includes career advisement, a national career readiness certificate and preparation for in-demand careers in Northeast Ohio that require a high school diploma. Participants complete their Ohio high school diploma requirements by participating in a competency-based learning program that demonstrates a mastery of skills to prepare them for in-demand career fields such as health care, manufacturing, logistics and construction. There is no cost to participants except time and commitment. Cuyahoga Community College launched this program in July 2015 with funding from the Ohio Department of Education. For additional information, visit or contact the program manager at 216-987-0610 or

Hispanic / Latino Engagement

The College Pathway Programs team works collaboratively with Tri-C’s Hispanic Council and Promise Academy to support and increase high school graduation and provide access to academic and workforce development programs. Call 216-987-3260 for more information.

Inter-Faith Community Service Initiative

The goal of this College-wide initiative is to provide training and information to faith-based institutions so they can assist parishioners and community members in achieving their academic, educational and workforce-related aspirations.

The desired outcome of these partnerships is to strengthen connections between Cuyahoga Community College and the faith community. Similar programs at other colleges have recognized that individuals who receive critical information about education and jobs in a familiar location from someone they know are more likely to enroll and focus to finish high school, GED, college or workforce programs. Call 216-987-0496 for more information.

Promise Connection

A collaboration between Promise Academy and Cuyahoga Community College that provides opportunities for continued education and training among Promise Academy students and prepares them to enter the workforce with education and training beyond a high school diploma. Call 216-987-3260 for more information.

Educational Opportunity Center (EOC)

The Educational Opportunity Center is a federally funded program that offers free enrollment assistance to 1,200 Cuyahoga County adults annually. The program is open to individuals ages 19 and over who wish to further their education. EOC advisors provide information, workshops and services to individuals and groups. Call EOC at 216-987-6305 to schedule a meeting with an EOC advisor. Advisors assist participants with enrolling in GED classes, college, certificate or vocational training programs; offer academic and career advising; provide admissions information; and assist with federal student aid and scholarship applications. EOC also provides referrals to social service and community resources. All services are free. The EOC is funded by the U.S. Department of Education and Cuyahoga Community College. Call 216-987-6305 for more information.

Women In Transition (WIT)

Women in Transition is a free, noncredit course that helps adult women move their lives forward through education and training. Participants receive basic computer training, assistance with career exploration, financial literacy enrichment, personal development and soft skills training. Upon completion, participants are equipped to continue their education, enter the workforce, understand financial aid options and identify marketable skills and career opportunities.

Both day and evening classes are available. The class runs every eight weeks during the school year on all four campuses. For more information, visit or call:

  • Eastern Campus: 216-987-2272
  • Metropolitan Campus: 216-987-4187
  • Western Campus: 216-987-5091
  • Westshore Campus: 216-987-3899

Cuyahoga Community College, the Carl D. Perkins Act, Westfield Insurance Foundation, the S.K. Wellman Foundation, Peoples Bank and other entities provide funding for WIT.

Adult College Access Programs

Aspire (Formerly Adult Basic and Literacy Education)

The Aspire program offers free classes for adults who need help acquiring the skills to be successful in college, training or employment.

Our classes:

  • Improve math, reading and writing skills
  • Help high school graduates who need to improve skills for a job or college
  • Assist with GED® test preparation
  • Improve English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)
  • Help transition students into a job, training or college

Morning and evening classes are offered at Tri-C’s Eastern, Western and Metropolitan campuses as well as many other locations within Cuyahoga County. The program is for adults ages 16 and older whose skills are below a 12th-grade level.

Aspire is part of the University System of Ohio and is funded by federal and state grants through the Ohio Department of Higher Education.

For more information or to register, visit or call:

  • Metro Campus: 216-987-3029
  • Eastern Campus: 216-987-2135
  • Eastern Suburbs and Cleveland East: 216-371-7138 or 216-261-5006
  • Western Suburbs and Cleveland West: 216-529-4240