Tutoring services are offered online and in person at each campus to help students improve skills, develop strengths and maximize achievement in many college courses. Study guides, outlines and books help students organize their work. One-on-one appointments and drop-in sessions are available in many academic subjects. TutorMe is an additional resource available to students in select subject areas

Visit the Tutoring Services website or contact Tutoring Services on your campus to learn more.

Eastern Campus (ESS 1108): 216-987-2343

Metropolitan Campus (MSS 4th Fl.): 216-987-4253

Western Campus (WTLC GT 115): 216-987-5683

Westshore Campus: 216-987-5902

  • Math, Accounting and Business (SLT 219)
  • English (SLT 210)
  • English as a Second Language (ESL) (SLT 207)
  • Science (SHCS 150B)
Brunswick University Center (BUC 214): 216-987-3879