The Associate of Technical Study (ATS) degree allows students to combine courses from two or more different technical programs to create a degree that focuses on a special career interest. Students who have successfully completed a course of technical studies at a non-credit-bearing postsecondary institution that has an articulation agreement with the College may be able to receive up to 30 transfer credits toward an Associate of Technical Study degree in the specific program identified in the agreements.

Associate of Technical Study Degree

Cuyahoga Community College will grant an Associate of Technical Study degree to students in good standing upon completion of the following requirements.

Comprehensive Graduation Requirements

The Associate of Technical Study degree prepares students with the skills necessary to enter and compete effectively in today’s workforce. It is awarded for the successful completion of an individually planned technical education program that contains an area of concentration formed either by an intra-institutional combination of courses from two or more different technical programs or by credit (maximum of 30 semester credit hours) awarded by the College for courses completed or training received at other institutions with which the College has entered into an articulation agreement.

  1. Students must complete an ATS contract, which includes an outline of specific coursework to be taken to earn the ATS degree. Students must work with an academic counselor to develop the ATS contract. 
  2. Students must satisfactorily complete at least 60 semester credits at the 1000-level or higher. No more than 3 of the 60 credits can be completed in physical education.
  3. Students must achieve a minimum overall grade point average of 2.00 for all courses attempted at Cuyahoga Community College (with exceptions as provided under College policies for repeating a course, Grade Forgiveness and Fresh Start).
  4. Students must complete a minimum of 20 of the 60 semester credits at Cuyahoga Community College after the ATS application has been approved.
  5. Special Topics, Independent Study/Research and Cooperative Education courses may be applied toward the general education and program requirements unless otherwise noted.

General Education Requirements

Each of the College’s degree programs require that students complete a set amount of courses in the areas of general education that include: Communication, Mathematics and Data Analysis, Natural and Physical Sciences, Arts and Humanities, and Social and Behavioral Sciences. Students completing the general education requirements, along with the specific program and elective requirements for a degree will have achieved the College’s general education outcomes.

Communication (6 semester credits)

The communication skills of reading analytically, writing fluently, listening critically and speaking articulately are essential. Students must complete the following to meet this requirement:

  • ENG-1010 College Composition I or ENG-101H Honors College Composition I1
  • Three (3) semester credits selected from the following courses:
    Communication Studies
    COMM-1010Fundamentals of Speech Communication3
    COMM-101HHonors Speech Communication3
    ENG-1020College Composition II3
    ENG-102HHonors College Composition II3
    ENG-2151Technical Writing3

Students who transfer in credits for ENG-1020 College Composition II without having credit for ENG-1010 will have ENG-1010 waived, but the required 6 hours in Communication must be earned.

Mathematics and Data Analysis (3 semester credits)

The ability to integrate numerical methods for use in today’s workforce is essential. Students must complete the following to complete this requirement:

Arts and Humanities/Social and Behavioral Sciences/Natural and Physical Sciences (6 semester credits)

The appreciation of the achievements of the Arts and Humanities, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Natural and Physical Sciences provides the ability to integrate learning within a complex global perspective; to gain an awareness of and respect for different cultures; to integrate ethical decision making in dealing responsibly with personal, family, and community issues; and to understand, analyze, and describe aspects of human behavior from diverse political, social, historical, and cultural perspectives. To meet this requirement, students must complete the following:

Elective Graduation Requirements (15 semester credits)

The remaining 15 semester credits to complete the required minimum total of 60 semester credits may be chosen from 1000-level courses and above, exclusive of developmental coursework. Courses taken to meet general education requirements in Communication, Mathematics and Data Analysis, Arts and Humanities, Social and Behavioral Sciences, or Natural and Physical Sciences cannot count towards fulfilling elective graduation requirements. Selection of elective semester credit hours of coursework shall be related to the occupational objective of the student of the basic components to further develop technical competencies.

Program Requirements

The program leading to an Associate of Technical Study degree must have an area of concentration that is equivalent to 30 semester credits in technical studies and clearly identifiable with a career objective. Approximately one half of each Associate of Technical Study program is devoted to non-technical studies.

Cross-listed Courses

Cross-listed courses are identical courses offered in two or more subject areas. They differ only in subject area code and course number. Credit may be earned once for cross-listed courses.