College Bookstores

College bookstores are located each of Tri-C’s four campuses to serve students, faculty and staff by providing required textbooks and supplies in a customer service-focused retail environment. For additional convenience, the bookstores also offer online textbook ordering through the external Tri-C website and my Tri-C space. Corporate College® West (CCW) hosts a satellite bookstore one week prior to the beginning of each CCW credit semester. Service for the Brunswick site is available at the Western Campus. The College bookstores carry a selection of general reading books, Tri-C apparel and gifts. Hours of operation are posted at each of the College bookstores and may vary during the course of a semester.

Campus Dining Facilities

Campus dining facilities at the Eastern, Metropolitan, and Western campuses offer assorted beverages and a wide variety of freshly prepared entrees including hot breakfast items, pizza, specialty and grilled sandwiches, salads, and desserts. Java City Specialty Coffee operations can be found at the Eastern, Metropolitan, and Western campuses. Hours of operation are posted at each operation and on the Campus Dining website page. The Westshore Campus features a convenience store within the College Bookstore which offers grab-and-go items and freshly brewed coffee. In addition, vending machines offering a variety of foods, snacks, and beverages are located at multiple sites throughout each campus, the Unified Technologies Center, and the Corporate Colleges. Use of the My Tri-C Card also allows special discounts and incentives at all campus dining retail operations, Java Cities, vending machines, and the College Bookstore. A Dining Dollars Meal Plan for use in the Campus dining facilities is available as part of the My Tri-C Card program.

For locations, current hours, and contact information go to


Tri-C is a commuter institution primarily designed to serve residents of Cuyahoga County and, therefore, does not provide housing for students.

Campus Parking

No vehicle may be left on Tri-C property longer than 24 hours. Vehicles are subject to tow at the owner's expense thereafter. If a vehicle must be left overnight, Campus Police and Security Services must be notified. Tri-C officially closes one hour after classes end. Citations may be paid by mail or in person at any Enrollment Center. Appeals may be made within 10 days of the notice of violation by either coming to the department of Campus Police and Security Services or using the online parking appeal form located at

Penalty for nonpayment may include withheld grades, registration hold, impounded vehicle or warrant citation (municipal court). Parking and traffic rules and regulations have been adopted by the Cuyahoga Community College Board of Trustees to regulate traffic and parking on Tri-C property. Motorcycles, motorbikes and motor scooters are subject to the same regulations as automobiles. Motor vehicle laws of the State of Ohio are in full effect on Tri-C property.

College Information & Enrollment Support Center

The College Information and Enrollment Support Center provides convenient enrollment support services to Tri-C’s new, continuing and returning students. Customer service representatives provide prompt responses to inquiries about College admission, class registration, balances and information on Tri-C’s academic and student services. The College Information and Enrollment Support Center also accepts credit card payments toward registration and fees. Chat live with a representative at, via email at or call 216-987-6000 and press 0. Check out ask TRI-C for quick answers to common questions. This online service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week at