ZHTH-1003 Dental Radiography: Radiation Protection Update

0.2 CEU’s

This two-hour session provides Dental Assistants with the continuing education necessary to maintain their Dental Assistant Radiographer certification.

Contact hours: 2

Not financial aid eligible.

ZHTH-1004 Dental Assistant Radiography: Initial Training

0.7 CEU’s

This course meets the Ohio State Dental Board training requirements for those seeking to become certified dental radiographers. Upon completion of this course, participants will be given 60 days to submit a clinical assignment consisting of exposing radiographs under the supervision of a dentist. A certificate of course completion will be mailed following submission of the clinical assignment.

Contact hours: 7

Not financial aid eligible.

ZHTH-1030 Managing Medical Emergencies for Dental Hygienists

0.4 CEU’s

Medical emergencies can and do occur in the dental office environment. This course is designed to provide a review of the essentials of a comprehensive medical history, recognition of common medical emergency situations, office emergency protocols, basic airway management, prevention of emergency situations during dental appointments, and recognition of symptoms. This course meets the Ohio State Dental Board’s requirements for dental hygienists practicing when the dentist is not physically present.

Contact hours: 4

Not financial aid eligible.

ZHTH-1059 Gerontological Nursing: Transitioning to Long-Term Care

0.65 CEU’s

This course serves to facilitate the transition of RNs and LPNs into long-term care facilities and provides a valuable overview of gerontological nursing.

Contact hours: 6.5

Not financial aid eligible.

ZHTH-1060 Reimbursement Update 2006 by PMI

0.7 CEU’s

The most important training class of the year! Don't miss this program for essential Medicare, coding, and compliance updates for your practice. Practice staff including managers, coding and billing personnel will not want to miss this once-a-year update opportunity.

Contact hours: 7

Not financial aid eligible.

ZHTH-1075 Medical Terminology

3.9 CEU’s

Learn medical terminology and build your skills in the health care field. This course is taught in a format designed to increase retention and introduces a variety of learning methods and practices. Learn the language of the fastest-growing industry in our area.

Contact hours: 39

Not financial aid eligible.

ZHTH-1105 Comprehensive Patient Access Specialist Program

22.9 CEU’s

Train for the high-demand position of Hospital Patient Access Specialist. Patient Access Specialists perform functions such as admissions, registration, financial counseling, pre-certification, guest relations, scheduling, and telecommunications. Upon completion of the program, you may test for your professional certification as a Certified Healthcare Access Associate (CHAA), offered by The National Association of Healthcare Access Management (NAHAM).

Contact hours: 162

Not financial aid eligible.

ZHTH-1262 Comprehensive Professional Medical Coding Program - Classroom

36.2 CEU’s

This program is designed to train the student on the essentials of successfully working as a coder in the medical, health care, or insurance industries. AAPC curriculum is utilized. Upon completion of the course, students will be eligible for the CPC (certified professional coder) exam. AAPC requires that students have two years of coding experience (one year may be substituted with this program) in addition to successful completion of the CPC exam in order to become a CPC. Students taking this program with less than one year experience will be CPC Apprentices until one year is submitted to AAPC.

Contact hours: 216

Not financial aid eligible.

ZHTH-1279 Comprehensive Professional Medical Coding - Online

24.3 CEU’s

The Medical Coding and Billing track is designed to prepare students to successfully test for the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) Certified Professional Coder (CPC) credential. Students will learn the basics through Anatomy and Physiology, Medical Terminology, and the AAPC's Professional Medical Coding Curriculum.

Contact hours: 216

Not financial aid eligible.

ZHTH-1282 Community Health Worker (CHW) and Lay Navigator

25.5 CEU’s

Community health worker (CHW) serves as a bridge between the community and the health care, government and social service systems.

Contact hours: 230

Not financial aid eligible.

ZHTH-1284 Essentials of Healthcare Informatics

9.8 CEU’s

Healthcare Informatics is designed for information professionals, clinical personnel and health care support personnel who want to increase their knowledge of health information technology and prepare for the management of the complex social and organizational issues surrounding this major change in healthcare. Certification in Healthcare Informatics prepares students who already have experience in either an IT-related field, or a health profession to transition into the Healthcare Informatics workforce as effective members of teams that manage and perform the customization, implementation, integration and maintenance of healthcare information systems, data and components. It is recommended that students enrolling in this program already possess a bachelor’s degree.

Contact hours: 98

Not financial aid eligible.

ZHTH-1285 Hot Stone Therapy

0.75 CEU’s

In this course, the student will learn how to perform a Hot Stone Massage. In order to do this, he/she must first learn the Indications and contraindications of Hot Stone Massage and the Therapeutic Benefits. In addition, the student will learn some history and the logistics of Hot Stone Therapy. Finally, the student will complete a hands-on Hot Stone Massage. There will also be a written exam. Students will explore the history, logistics, indications/contraindications and therapeutic benefits of hot stone massage, preparing them to complete a hands-on massage and written exam at the end of the course.

Contact hours: 7.5

Not financial aid eligible.