VCAD-2621 Advertising Studio I

3 Credits

Hands-on directed individualized project-based course specialized for advertising design majors. Advertising design and marketing project proposals to be selected, approved and arranged collaboratively between instructor and student. Design creativity, marketing and visual communication skills stressed. Emphasis on further developing advertising and marketing skills and working one-on-one with instructor providing design direction to attain conceptual and technical skills to bring final designs to successful completion.

Lecture: 1 hour. Laboratory: 4 hours

Prerequisite(s): VCGD-2231 Publication Design or VC&D-2301 Graphic Design and Illustration.

VCAD-2820 Independent Advanced Study/Research in Advertising Design

1-3 Credits

Directed individual advanced study. Study/research title and specific content arranged between instructor and student. May be repeated for a maximum of six credits of different topics.

Lecture: 1-3 hours

Prerequisite(s): Departmental approval, and instructor approval, and ENG-0990 Language Fundamentals II or appropriate score on English Placement Test.