College Credit Plus allows students in grades 7-12 to earn college and high school credits at the same time by taking courses at Cuyahoga Community College. The program promotes rigorous academic pursuits and provides a wide variety of options to college-ready students. Courses taken through the College Credit Plus program are typically free, with no out-of-pocket cost for tuition, books, or fees. Visit for the most up to date information.

Early Admission

Students who are not eligible for College Credit Plus, do not want their grade reported on the high school transcript or who want to take a class for personal enrichment may apply as an early admit student. Students must:

  • Be in grades 7-12
  • Complete a Tri-C application
  • Contact the CCP Office to request Early Admit Status
  • Have placement scores on file
  • Request appointment with Tri-C counselor for course selection assistance
  • Pay out of pocket for coursework

College Credit Plus Level 1 Course List


ACCT-1011Business Math Applications3
ACCT-1020Applied Accounting3
ACCT-1041Individual Taxation4
ACCT-1311Financial Accounting3
ACCT-1341Managerial Accounting3
ACCT-1520QuickBooks Immersion2
ACCT-1551Excel for Accountants2
ACCT-2041Business Taxation4
ACCT-2310Intermediate Accounting I4
ACCT-2320Intermediate Accounting II4
ACCT-2340Cost Accounting4
ACCT-2500Governmental/Non-Profit Accounting4
ACCT-2830Cooperative Field Experience1-3


ANTH-1010Cultural Anthropology3
ANTH-1210Human Evolution4
ANTH-2010Peoples and Cultures of the World3


ART-1010Art Appreciation3
ART-1040Survey of Non-Western Art3
ART-1050Drawing I3
ART-10703D Foundations3
ART-10812D Design and Color3
ART-1100Sculpture I3
ART-1600Introduction to Art Therapy3
ART-1700Ceramics I3
ART-2000Life Drawing I3
ART-2020Art History Survey: Prehistoric to Renaissance3
ART-2030Art History Survey: Late Renaissance to Present3
ART-2050Painting I3
ART-2210Printmaking I3

American Sign Language

ASL-1010Beginning American Sign Language I4
ASL-1020Beginning American Sign Language II4
ASL-1100Deaf Culture3
ASL-2010Intermediate American Sign Language I4
ASL-2020Intermediate American Sign Language II4
ASL-2412Advanced American Sign Language I4

Automotive Technology

AUTO-1050Numerical Applications in Automotive Service3
AUTO-1101Introduction to Automotive Service Procedures3
AUTO-1300Automotive Engines3
AUTO-1400Automotive Alignment, Steering and Suspension3
AUTO-1450Automotive Braking Systems3
AUTO-1502Automotive Electrical Fundamentals3
AUTO-1510Automotive Electrical Systems3
AUTO-2350Automotive HVAC2
AUTO-2400Engine Performance3
AUTO-2450Automotive Electronic Engine Controls3
AUTO-2505Automotive Electrical Diagnosis for General Motors ASEP3
AUTO-2701Automotive Service Operations3
AUTO-2940Automotive Field Experience IV1

 Business Administration

BADM-1020Introduction to Business3
BADM-1070Introduction to Project Management3
BADM-1122Principles of Management and Organizational Behavior3
BADM-1210Labor-Management Relations3
BADM-1301Small Business Management3
BADM-1460Workers' Compensation Law3
BADM-2010Business Communications3
BADM-201HHonors Business Communications3
BADM-2110Production/Operations Management3
BADM-2120Logistics Management3
BADM-2151Business Law3
BADM-2162Introduction to Supply Management3
BADM-2181Supply Management3
BADM-2330Human Resource Management3
BADM-2340Human Resources Law and Application3
BADM-2390Advanced Human Resources Practices3
BADM-2450New Business Development5
BADM-2501Business Strategies3
BADM-2790International Business Strategy and Application4
BADM-2601Global Commerce and Communication3
BADM-2760Global Trade and Finance3
BADM-2780Global Marketing and Distribution3


BIO-1040The Cell and DNA3
BIO-104LThe Cell and DNA Laboratory1
BIO-1050Human Biology3
BIO-105LHuman Biology Laboratory1
BIO-1060Environment, Ecology, and Evolution3
BIO-106LEnvironment, Ecology, & Evolution Laboratory1
BIO-1100Introduction to Biological Chemistry3
BIO-1221Anatomy and Physiology for Diagnostic Medical Imaging4
BIO-1230Anatomy and Physiology of the Eye4
BIO-1410Anatomy & Physiology of Domestic Animals I4
BIO-1420Anatomy & Physiology of Domestic Animals II3
BIO-1500Principles of Biology I4
BIO-150HHonors Principles of Biology I4
BIO-1510Principles of Biology II4
BIO-151HHonors Principles of Biology II4
BIO-179HHonors Contract in Biology1
BIO-2060Principles of Genetics3
BIO-2100Biology of Aging3
BIO-2150Environmental Science3
BIO-2331Anatomy and Physiology I4
BIO-2341Anatomy and Physiology II4

Business Technology

BT-1150Word for Business Documents3
BT-1700Business Spreadsheets (Excel)3
BT-2040Emerging Workplace Technology3
BT-2200Advanced Word Processing3
BT-2211Presentation Software3
BT-2300Business Database Systems (Access)3
BT-2411Workforce Management3
BT-2510Project Management Software3
BT-2520Business Websites: Best Practices and Maintenance3
BT-2700Advanced Business Spreadsheets (Excel)3
BT-2830Cooperative Field Experience1-3
BT-2990Business Technologies Capstone3

Captioning and Court Reporting

CCR-1000Introduction to Stenographic Court Reporting1
CCR-1101Introduction to Voice Writing1
CCR-1150Introduction to Digital Reporting and Transcription1
CCR-1200Voicewriting I2
CCR-1210Voicewriting II2
CCR-1220Voicewriting III4
CCR-1300Realtime Theory I4
CCR-1331 Realtime Theory II2
CCR-1335Realtime Theory III2
CCR-1341Realtime Theory IV2
CCR-1350Legal Terminology3
CCR-1360Court Procedures3
CCR-1451Speedbuilding and Transcription at 140 WPM3
CCR-1460Literary Writing2
CCR-1470Transcript Production for Court Reporting and Captioning3
CCR-1551Research and Transcript Preparation3
CCR-1601Court Reporting Technology4
CCR-1650Terminology for the Transcriber3
CCR-2200Medical Terminology for Captioning and Court Reporting3
CCR-2310Realtime Writing for Court Reporting and Captioning2
CCR-2351Editing Legal Documents3
CCR-2361Proofreading Skill Development3
CCR-2401Speedbuilding and Transcription at 180 WPM3
CCR-2451Speedbuilding and Transcription at 225 WPM3
CCR-2470Advanced Technology3
CCR-2480Using Captioning Technology3
CCR-2510CART Production3
CCR-2520Captioning Production3
CCR-2550Writing for Captioning and CART2
CCR-2602Technical Terminology3
CCR-2660Registered Professional Reporter Examination Preparation1
CCR-2740Digital Reporting Technology4
CCR-2750Annotation for Digital Reporting2
CCR-2910Internship for Captioning and CART1


CHEM-1000Everyday Chemistry3
CHEM-100LEveryday Chemistry Laboratory1
CHEM-1010Introduction to Inorganic Chemistry4
CHEM-101HHonors Introduction to Inorganic Chemistry4
CHEM-1020Introduction to Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry4
CHEM-1081Medicinal Plants Chemistry3
CHEM-1300General Chemistry I4
CHEM-130HHonors General Chemistry I5
CHEM-130LGeneral Chemistry Laboratory I1
CHEM-1310General Chemistry II4
CHEM-131LGeneral Chemistry Laboratory II1
CHEM-2300Organic Chemistry I5
CHEM-2310Organic Chemistry II5


CHIN-1011Beginning Chinese Language and Culture I4
CHIN-1021Beginning Chinese Language and Culture II4

Criminal Justice

CJ-1000Introduction to Criminal Justice3
CJ-1010Computers in Criminal Justice2
CJ-1070Introduction to Corrections3
CJ-1120Criminal Court Procedures2
CJ-1130Criminal Evidence2
CJ-1320Ethics in Criminal Justice2
CJ-1111Constitutional Law for Police3
CJ-1330Criminal Law3

Construction Engineering Technology

CNST-1281Construction Engineering Orientation3
CNST-1290Construction Print Reading2
CNST-1410Architectural CAD I3
CNST-1510Green Building & Sustainability I3
CNST-1660Material Testing2
CNST-1670Highway Inspection2
CNST-1750Construction Safety3
CNST-1760General Industry Safety2
CNST-1770Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response2
CNST-2110Basic Survey Practices3
CNST-2131Construction Methods and Materials3
CNST-2140Advanced Material Testing & Inspection2
CNST-2201Introduction to Building Information Modeling3
CNST-2210Mechanical and Electrical Systems3
CNST-2330Construction Scheduling3
CNST-2510Introduction to Asset Management3
CNST-2631Construction Management Systems3
CNST-2990Construction Estimating & Cost Analysis3

Communication Studies

COMM-1000Fundamentals of Interpersonal Communication3
COMM-1010Fundamentals of Speech Communication3
COMM-101HHonors Speech Communication3
COMM-1210Small Group Communication3
COMM-2000Introduction to Communication Theory3


DANC-1100Dance Appreciation3
DANC-1501Dance Fundamentals3

Dietetic Technology

DIET-1200Basic Nutrition3
DIET-1320Nutrition Applications1
DIET-2410Life Cycle Nutrition - Pregnancy and Lactation1
DIET-2420Life Cycle Nutrition - Nutrition for Children1
DIET-2430Life Cycle Nutrition - Nutrition through Adulthood1

Early Childhood Education

ECED-1010Introduction to Early Childhood Education: Children's Development and Programs4
ECED-1400Administration and Leadership in Early Childhood4
ECED-1860Experience with Young Children in Early Childhood Settings3
ECED-2300Child Behavior and Guidance3
ECED-2401Families, Communities, Schools3
ECED-2601Classroom Assistant Professional Portfolio1

Electrical/Electronic Engineering Technology

EET-1015Introduction to Computer Maintenance and Repair3
EET-1035Operating Systems and Software for PC Technicians4
EET-1055Computer Hardware Support4
EET-1100Introduction to Robotics2
EET-1130Basic Audio Electronics3
EET-1140Productivity Tools for Engineering2
EET-1150Basic Robotics with Math2
EET-1161Direct Current Circuits3
EET-1180Surface Mount Soldering1
EET-1190Printed Circuit Layout2
EET-1210AC Electric Circuits3
EET-1220Circuits and Electronics for Automation3
EET-1241Digital Fundamentals3
EET-1303Cisco I3
EET-1814Special Topics: FAA Drone Certification Preparation3
EET-1910Directed Practice Electrical Utility Technology I4
EET-1915Directed Practice Substation Utility Technology I4
EET-1920Directed Practice Electrical Utility Technology II4
EET-1925Directed Practice Substation Utility Technology II4
EET-2112Industrial Electronics3
EET-2120Electronics I3
EET-2160Surface Mount Soldering1
EET-2170Signal Analysis3
EET-2220Electronics II3
EET-2242C and ASM Programming with Embedded Applications3
EET-2250Industrial Electronics II3
EET-2290Electrical Design Project2
EET-2303Cisco II3
EET-2313Cisco III3
EET-2400Biomedical Instrumentation I3
EET-2410Biomedical Instrumentation II3
EET-2490Biomedical Design Project2
EET-2500Instrumentation and Control3
EET-2520Programmable Logic Controllers3
EET-1195Unmanned Aerial Vehicles3
EET-279HSophomore Honors Contract1
EET-2830Cooperative Field Experience1-3
EET-2901Clinical Internship3
EET-2910Directed Practice Electrical Utility Technology III4
EET-2915Directed Practice Substation Utility Technology III4
EET-2920Directed Practice Electrical Utility Technology IV4
EET-2925Directed Practice Substation Utility Technology IV4

Emergency Medical Technology

EMT-1302Emergency Medical Technician - Basic6
EMT-130LEMT Basic Practical Lab1
EMT-1310Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation1
EMT-1320Heavy Rescue2
EMT-1330Defensive Driving - EMT1
EMT-1401Anatomy & Physiology for Paramedics4
EMT-2330Paramedic Theory I6
EMT-2340Paramedic Theory II6
EMT-2350Paramedic Theory III6
EMT-2360Paramedic Theory IV6
EMT-2371Paramedic Capstone Course5

Electroneurodiagnostic Technology

END-1300Introduction to Electroneurodiagnostic Technology2


ENG-1001Intensive College Reading & Writing3
ENG-1003Transition to College English1
ENG-1010College Composition I3
ENG-101HHonors College Composition I3
ENG-1020College Composition II3
ENG-102HHonors College Composition II3
ENG-2151Technical Writing3
ENG-2310American Literature I3
ENG-2320American Literature II3
ENG-2350British Literature I3
ENG-2360British Literature II3
ENG-2410Introduction to Literature: Poetry3
ENG-2420Introduction to Literature: Fiction3
ENG-2430Introduction to Literature: Drama3
ENG-2510African-American Literature I3
ENG-2520African-American Literature II3
ENG-2601Literature for Children and Adolescents3
ENG-2700World Literature3
ENG-2730Exploration of World Mythology3

Earth Science

ESCI-1050Introduction to Ocean Studies3
ESCI-103LEarth Laboratory1
ESCI-1040Weather Studies3
ESCI-1310Physical Geography3
ESCI-131LLab in Physical Geography1
ESCI-1410Physical Geology3
ESCI-141LLab in Physical Geology1
ESCI-1610Geology of the National Parks3
ESCI-161LLab in Geology of the National Parks1

Film and Media Arts

FILM-1020Story: Pre-production Methods and the Art of Story in Motion Media3
FILM-1040Imaging Basics for Film and Media Arts: On Location and in Studio3
FILM-1120Film and Media Arts Colloquium1
FILM-1180Introduction to Film and Media Arts3
FILM-2110Editing I3
FILM-2120Editing II3
FILM-2180Digital Cinematography3
FILM-2220 Advanced Crew and Set Operations3
FILM-2280Short Films: Exploring Genre & Technique3
FILM-2380Visual Effects3
FILM-2480Motion Graphics3
FILM-2620Applied Integrated Media (AIM) I: Real World Pre-production3
FILM-2680Cinematography II3
FILM-2720Applied Integrated Media (AIM) II: Real World Production and Post-Production for Motion Media3
FILM-2780Motion Graphics II3
FILM-2940Field Experience1-2
FILM-2990Film and Media Arts Professional Prep and Portfolio Review2

Financial Management

FIN-1061Personal Finance3
FIN-2100Financial Management3

Fire Technology

FIRE-1100Principles of Emergency Services3
FIRE-1200Principles of Fire and Emergency Services Safety and Survival2
FIRE-1500Fire Behavior and Combustion2
FIRE-2321Fire Protection Systems2


FREN-1010Beginning French I4
FREN-1020Beginning French II4
FREN-2010Intermediate French I3
FREN-2020Intermediate French II3

General Studies

GEN-1000Introduction to College1
GEN-1010Personal Development2
GEN-1022Strategies for Success3
GEN-1033College Research Skills2
GEN-1040Career Exploration2
GEN-1070First Year Success Seminar1


GEOG-1000Introduction to Geography3
GEOG-1010World Regional Geography3
GEOG-2030Environmental Geography3
GEOG-1050Africans in the Americas3
GEOG-1510Regional Geography of the United States and Canada3
GEOG-1740Fundamentals of Geographic Information Science3


GER-1010Beginning German I4
GER-1020Beginning German II4

Health Information Management Technology

HIM-1060Health Unit Coordinator3
HIM-1113Physician Office Coding with Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) Coding2
HIM-1114Medical Office Coding with ICD-10-CM3
HIM-1311Legal Aspects of Health Care3
HIM-2430Medical Reimbursement Methodologies2


HIST-1010History of Civilization I3
HIST-101HHonors History of Civilization I3
HIST-1020History of Civilization II3
HIST-102HHonors History of Civilization II3
HIST-1510United States History to 18773
HIST-151HHonors United States History to 18773
HIST-1520United States History Since 18773
HIST-152HHonors United States History since 18773
HIST-1700History of Africa3
HIST-2031Islam to the Modern Middle East3
HIST-2150African American History to 18773
HIST-2160African American History 1877-present3
HIST-2520Hitler and the Holocaust3
HIST-2660Women in American History3


HLTH-1100Personal Health Education3
HLTH-1230Standard First Aid and Personal Safety1

Hospitality Management

HOSP-1010Introduction to the Hospitality Industry2
HOSP-1020Sanitation and Safety2
HOSP-1031Fundamentals of Culinary Arts3
HOSP-1040Customer Service2
HOSP-1180Event Planning Essentials2
HOSP-1360Fundamentals of Restaurant/Food Service Management3
HOSP-1451Contemporary Cuisine4
HOSP-1552Introduction to Baking & Pastries3
HOSP-1650Dining Room Operations2
HOSP-1680Beverage Management2
HOSP-1710Doing Business as a Personal Chef3
HOSP-1940Culinary Arts/Professional Baking Field Experience1-3
HOSP-1950Restaurant/Food Service Management Field Experience1-3
HOSP-2180Event Planning Workshop2
HOSP-2330Menus and Facilities Planning & Design3
HOSP-2360Restaurant Marketing2
HOSP-2371Restaurant/Foodservice Entrepreneurship2
HOSP-2380Hospitality Marketing and Sales3
HOSP-2400Hospitality Management and Supervision3
HOSP-2480Hospitality Law3
HOSP-2500Hospitality Cost Control3
HOSP-2550Baking Production and Sales II3
HOSP-2560Garde Manger3
HOSP-2580Convention Management and Meeting Planning2
HOSP-2651Banquet Management and Production4
HOSP-2700Hospitality Purchasing2
HOSP-2871Food and Beverage Management Experience2
HOSP-2992Culinary Evaluation and American Regional Cuisine2

Health Technology

HTEC-1110Ethics for Health Care Professionals1
HTEC-1120Critical Thinking in Healthcare1
HTEC-1610Introduction to Pharmacology2


HUM-1010Introduction to Humanities3
HUM-1020The Individual in Society3
HUM-2020Community Engagement Through the Humanities3
HUM-2030Culture and Belief3

Interior Design

INTD-1101Hand Drafting and Sketching for Interiors3
INTD-1111Introduction to Interior Design3
INTD-2300Interior Design Studio I3
INTD-2320History of Interiors3
INTD-2330Interior Design Materials and Sources3
INTD-2400Interior Design Studio II3
INTD-2430Architectural Materials and Methods3
INTD-2460Interior Design Presentation3
INTD-2471Professional Practice of Interior Design2

Integrated Systems Engineering

ISET-1101Welding Blue Print Reading3
ISET-1110Oxyfuel Processes/Plasma Processes4
ISET-1320Fundamentals of Fluid Power2
ISET-1410Applied Electricity I3
ISET-1420Applied Electricity II3
ISET-2100Gas Metal Arc Welding (MIG)4
ISET-2110Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (TIG)4
ISET-2120Shielded Metal Arc Welding (STICK)4
ISET-2140Non-Destructive Testing3
ISET-2151Robotic Welding4
ISET-2160Structural Fabrication4
ISET-2200Industrial Motor Controls3
ISET-2210Commercial Wiring3
ISET-2240Applied National Electric Code3
ISET-2500Programmable Logic Controllers Maintenance I3
ISET-2511Programmable Logic Controllers Maintenance II3

Information Technology

IT-1025Information Technology Concepts for Programmers3
IT-1050Programming Logic3
IT-1090Computer Applications3
IT-1200Introduction to Software Quality Assurance4
IT-2030ASP.NET Web Programming4
IT-2070Introduction to Data Science and Analytics3
IT-2080Data Visualization4
IT-2100iOS Application Programming4
IT-2110Android Mobile Application Development3
IT-2200Software Quality Assurance Techniques4
IT-2310Web Programming3
IT-2320Interactive Internet Programming4
IT-2351Enterprise Database Systems4
IT-2400Unity Game Programming3
IT-2500Software Testing Automation4
IT-2600E-Business Programming Technologies3
IT-2650Java Programming4
IT-2670C/C++ Programming Language4
IT-2680Visual C# .NET4
IT-2700Systems Analysis and Design3
IT-2710Advanced Topics in Network Security3
IT-2720Ethical Hacking and Systems Defense3
IT-2730Intrusion Detection/Prevention Systems Fundamentals3
IT-2740Fundamentals of Client Operating Systems and Hardware for Cybersecurity4
IT-2750Scripting Fundamentals for Cybersecurity3
IT-2760Introduction to Digital Forensics3
IT-2812Special Topics in Machine Learning4
IT-2815Special Topics: Blockchain Applications3
IT-2819Special Topics: Python Programming4
IT-2830Cooperative Field Experience1-3


ITAL-1010Beginning Italian I4
ITAL-1020Beginning Italian II4
ITAL-2010Intermediate Italian I3
ITAL-2020Intermediate Italian II3
ITAL-2410Italian Conversation and Composition3
ITAL-2420Italian Civilization, Culture and Literature3

Information Tech-Network Software

ITNT-2300Networking Fundamentals3
ITNT-2320Network Administration I3
ITNT-2380Linux Administration3
ITNT-2370Network Security Fundamentals3
ITNT-2420Network Administration II3
ITNT-2990Networking Capstone3


JAPN-1011Beginning Japanese Language and Culture I4
JAPN-1021Beginning Japanese Language and Culture II4
JAPN-2011Intermediate Japanese Language and Culture I4
JAPN-2021Intermediate Japanese Language and Culture II4

Laboratory Phlebotomy

LP-1300Introduction to Blood Collection3
LP-1850Laboratory Phlebotomy Practicum2
LP-2970Advanced Phlebotomy Seminar1

Media and Journalism Studies

MJS-1010Principles of Media and Communications3
MJS-1310Film Appreciation3
MJS-1320Social Media Communication3
MJS-1611Black Media3
MJS-2000Digital Media Writing3
MJS-2010News Writing4
MJS-2040American Cinema3
MJS-2050Mass Media and Society3
MJS-2060Principles of Public Relations3
MJS-2070Sports Reporting & Broadcasting3
MJS-2220Broadcast and Multimedia Journalism3
MJS-2410Television: Videojournalism and Documentary Production3

Medical Assisting

MA-1010Introduction to Medical Terminology2
MA-1020Medical Terminology I3
MA-2010Medical Terminology II2


MARK-1080Social Media Marketing3
MARK-2010Principles of Marketing3
MARK-2081Social Media Content Strategies and Analytics4
MARK-2090Digital Marketing Design3
MARK-2261Salesmanship and Promotional Strategies3
MARK-2270Principles of Advertising3


MATH-1190Algebraic and Quantitative Reasoning3
MATH-1370Mathematics for Elementary and Middle School Teachers I4
MATH-1380Mathematics for Elementary and Middle School Teachers II4
MATH-1410Elementary Probability and Statistics I3
MATH-1420Elementary Probability and Statistics II3
MATH-1470Modern Mathematics for Business and Social Science I4
MATH-1480Modern Mathematics for Business and Social Sciences II4
MATH-1490Business Probability and Statistics I3
MATH-1500Business Probability and Statistics II3
MATH-1530College Algebra4
MATH-153HHonors College Algebra4
MATH-154HHonors Trigonometry3
MATH-1610Calculus I5
MATH-161HHonors Calculus I5
MATH-1620Calculus II5
MATH-162HHonors Calculus II5
MATH-2010Introduction to Discrete Mathematics4
MATH-2310Calculus III4
MATH-231HHonors Calculus III4
MATH-2410Introduction to Linear Algebra3


MET-1041Foundations of Manufacturing3
MET-1050Applied Mathematics for Engineering Technology1
MET-1060Semiconductor Manufacturing Processes and Cleanrooms3
MET-1070Vacuum Systems Technology3
MET-1100Technology Orientation2
MET-1120Computer Applications and Programming2
MET-1230Drawing & AutoCAD3
MET-1240Machine Tools and Manufacturing Processes3
MET-1250Introduction to Additive Manufacturing3
MET-1261Product Ideation & Design I3
MET-1300Engineering Materials and Metallurgy3
MET-1410Computer Aided Manufacturing Processes3
MET-1601Technical Statics3
MET-2000CAD/CAM Processes3
MET-2041CAD II & GD&T3
MET-2060Product Ideation & Design II3
MET-21513D Digital Design & Printing3
MET-21603D Scanning, Reverse Engineering, and Quality Inspection3
MET-2191Additive Manufacturing Project Capstone2
MET-2200Strength of Materials3
MET-2300Fluid Power3
MET-2410Quality Control and Lean Manufacturing3
MET-2422Fundamentals of Engineering Economics3
MET-2430Engineering Probability and Statistics3
MET-2500Fundamentals of Products Development and Manufacture3
MET-26013D Solid Modeling3
MET-2730Lean Manufacturing3
MET-2941Additive Manufacturing Internship1-4

Medical Laboratory Technology

MLT-1000Introduction to Medical Laboratory Technology3
MLT-1491Urinalysis and Body Fluids3

Massage Therapy

MT-1242Somatic Studies I3
MT-1272Somatic Studies II3
MT-1280Somatic Studies III2
MT-1302Massage Therapy I2
MT-1312Applied Musculo-Skeletal Anatomy3
MT-1321Functional Assessment in Massage Therapy2
MT-1331Massage Therapy II3
MT-2202Massage Modalities and Career Paths3
MT-2301Pathology for Massage Therapists3
MT-2351Ethics for Massage Therapists1
MT-235LMassage Therapy Clinic I2
MT-2361Business Practices for Massage Therapists1
MT-236LMassage Therapy Clinic II2
MT-2701Comprehensive Somatic Studies for Massage Therapists1
MT-2991Comprehensive Massage Therapy1


MUS-1010Survey of European Classical Music3
MUS-1020Survey of Jazz3
MUS-1030Survey of Rock and Roll3
MUS-1040Survey of African-American Music3
MUS-1050Survey of World Music3
MUS-1200Music Reading Skills3
MUS-1210Introduction to Music Theory3
MUS-1250Class Keyboard I2
MUS-1260Class Keyboard II2
MUS-1510Choral Ensemble1
MUS-1520Jazz Ensemble1
MUS-1530Concert Band1
MUS-1550Instrumental Ensemble1
MUS-1600Traditional Theory I3
MUS-1611Ear Training I1
MUS-1620Traditional Theory II3
MUS-1631Ear Training II1
MUS-2541Jazz History3
MUS-2600Traditional Theory III3
MUS-2611Ear Training III1
MUS-2620Traditional Theory IV3
MUS-2631Ear Training IV1

Optical Technology

OPT-1310Theoretical Optics I2
OPT-1320Theoretical Optics II2
OPT-1400Introduction to Fabrication Principles1
OPT-1510Optical Dispensing I3
OPT-1520Optical Dispensing II3
OPT-1610Contact Lens I2
OPT-1621Contact Lens II2
OPT-1710Introduction to Patient Care3
OPT-1721Advanced Patient Care2
OPT-2501Optical Business3
OPT-2550Advanced Optical Dispensing Lab1
OPT-2660License Review Contact Lens1


PHIL-1000Critical Thinking3
PHIL-1010Introduction to Philosophy3
PHIL-101HHonors Introduction to Philosophy3
PHIL-1020Introduction to Logic3
PHIL-202HHonors Ethics3
PHIL-205HHonors Bioethics3
PHIL-2060Business Ethics3


PHYS-101LAstronomy Laboratory1
PHYS-1050Everyday Physics2
PHYS-1210College Physics I4
PHYS-1220College Physics II4
PHYS-1300Physics of Optical Materials4
PHYS-2310General Physics I5
PHYS-2320General Physics II5

Paralegal Studies

PL-1001Introduction to the Paralegal Profession3
PL-1300Civil Procedure3
PL-1401Legal Research and Writing I3
PL-1502Law Office Technology3
PL-2301Torts and Evidence4
PL-2440Business Transactions3
PL-2851Paralegal Practicum1
PL-2991Paralegal Capstone1

Political Science

POL-1010American National Government3
POL-101HHonors American National Government3
POL-1020State & Local Government3
POL-2030Comparative Politics3
POL-2041Conflict Resolution and Management3
POL-2060Political Systems of Africa3
POL-2070International Relations3
POL-2100Constitutional Law3
POL-2140Implementing Peace Studies and Conflict Management Theories and Practices with Service Learning3

Plant Science/Landscape Technology

PST-1301Horticultural Botany3
PST-1311Deciduous Woody Landscape Plants3
PST-1321Evergreens, Groundcovers, and Herbaceous Landscape Plants3
PST-1331Plant Propagation3
PST-1351Plant Production3
PST-1380Introduction to Tree Care2
PST-1400Garden Center and Nursery Management3
PST-1411Equipment Operations and Safety2
PST-1420Landscape Practices3
PST-1441Introduction to Landscape Design3
PST-1450Landscape Design - CAD3
PST-1510Landscape Contracting3
PST-1600Irrigation and Drainage2
PST-2310Soil Technology3
PST-2321Plant Pest Diagnostics3
PST-2370Introduction to Turfgrass2
PST-2431Planting Design3
PST-2480Arboriculture Practices3


PSY-1010General Psychology3
PSY-101HHonors General Psychology3
PSY-1050Introduction to Industrial/Organizational Psychology3
PSY-2010Child Growth and Development3
PSY-2020Life Span Development4
PSY-202HHonors Life Span Development4
PSY-2040Social Psychology3
PSY-2050Psychology of Personality3
PSY-2060Adolescent Psychology3
PSY-2081Psychopathology (formerly PSY-2080 Abnormal Psychology)3
PSY-2100Introduction to Aging3
PSY-2110Educational Psychology3

Religious Studies

REL-1010Introduction to Religious Studies3
REL-2000Comparative World Religions3
REL-2010Religious Traditions of Western Christianity3
REL-2060African-American Religious Experience3


RUSS-1010Beginning Russian I4
RUSS-1020Beginning Russian II4

Sport and Exercise Studies

SES-1001Introduction to Sport and Exercise Studies2
SES-1040Teaching Exercise Training Techniques3
SES-1300Fitness and Wellness Coaching3
SES-2000Essentials of Sports Injury Care3
SES-2010Exercise and Movement Anatomy3
SES-2100Sport and Exercise Physiology3
SES-2130Kinesiology: Fundamentals of Human Movement3
SES-2300Personal Training Certification Preparation3
SES-2310Advanced Training Concepts and Techniques3
SES-2320Group Fitness Instructor Certification Preparation3
SES-2330Motor Learning and Development3
SES-2350Exercise for Special Populations3
SES-2360 Fitness and Sport Management3
SES-2380Corrective Exercise Training3
SES-2390Strength Coach Certification Prep3
SES-2410Exercise Testing and Prescription3
SES-2420Advanced Exercise Testing and Prescription3


SOC-1010Introductory Sociology3
SOC-101HHonors Introductory Sociology3
SOC-1020Social Institutions3
SOC-2010Social Problems3
SOC-201HHonors Social Problems3
SOC-2020Sociology of the Family3
SOC-2051Introduction to Social Welfare3
SOC-2070Poverty in the United States3
SOC-2100Aging and Society3
SOC-2110Death and Dying3
SOC-2550Race and Ethnic Relations3


SPAN-1011Beginning Spanish Language and Cultures I4
SPAN-1021Beginning Spanish Language and Culture II4
SPAN-1030Spanish for Law Enforcement4
SPAN-179HHonors Contract in Spanish1
SPAN-2010Intermediate Spanish Language and Culture I3
SPAN-2020Intermediate Spanish Language and Cultures II3
SPAN-2411Spanish Conversation & Composition3
SPAN-2420Introduction to Spanish Culture, Civilization, and Literature3
SPAN-2430Civilization, Culture, and Literature of Latin America3
SPAN-279HSophomore Honors Contract1

Surgical Technology

SURT-1700Sterile Processing Techniques I4
SURT-1710Sterile Processing Techniques II4
SURT-1720Introduction to Hospital Administration1
SURT-1861Clinical Experience: Sterile Processing2

Theatre Arts

THEA-1010Theatre Appreciation3
THEA-1430Introduction to Scenery and Stagecrafts3
THEA-1500Acting I3
THEA-1540Rehearsal and Performance2
THEA-1550Practicum in Technical Theatre2
THEA-2010Script Analysis3
THEA-2210History of Theatre and Drama I3
THEA-2220History of Theatre & Drama II3

Urban Studies

UST-1010Introduction to Urban Studies3
UST-2020Urban Cultures3

Visual Communication

VC-1000Visual Communication Foundation3
VC-1061History of Graphic Design3
VC-1201Typography I3
VC-1431Vector Graphics3
VC-2301Graphic Design and Illustration3
VC-2991Portfolio Preparation3

 Advertising Design

VCAD-2621Advertising Studio I3

Visual Communication - Graphic Design

VCGD-2232Typography II3
VCGD-2400Information Graphic Design3
VCGD-2431Package Design3
VCGD-2631Graphic Design Studio3

 Visual Communication - Illustration

VCIL-1142Illustration I3
VCIL-16403D Design3
VCIL-2241Advanced Illustration3
VCIL-2142Illustration II3
VCIL-2341Illustration for Story3
VCIL-20403D Motion3
VCIL-24403D Simulation3
VCIL-25403D Studio3
VCIL-2641Illustration Studio3

Visual Communication - Interactive Media

VCIM-1200Game Design I: Introduction to Game Design3
VCIM-1400Game Design II: Game Engines3
VCIM-1570Web Publishing I: HTML3
VCIM-1770Web Publishing II: Site Theory & Construction3
VCIM-2072Service Learning: Real World Experience in Web, Game Design, and Interactive Media3
VCIM-2200Game Design III: Game Design Studio3
VCIM-22712D Animation3
VCIM-2281Web Publishing III: JavaScript3
VCIM-2291Web Publishing IV: Data-Driven Sites3
VCIM-2372Interactive Media I - Design Thinking3
VCIM-2380Interactive Media II - App Design3
VCIM-2401Game Design IV-Game Publishing3
VCIM-2470Virtual Reality Imaging2
VCIM-2572User Experience Studio3
VCIM-2700User Experience Design3

Visual Communication - Photography

VCPH-1150History of Photography3
VCPH-1450Digital Imaging I3
VCPH-1261Photography I3
VCPH-2050Commercial Studio Techniques I3
VCPH-2160Digital Video for Photographers3
VCPH-2260Photography II3
VCPH-2450Digital Imaging II3
VCPH-2541Individual Projects in Photography3
VCPH-2550Commercial Studio Techniques II3
VCPH-2660Photography III3
VCPH-2761Photography for Media Publication3
VCPH-2770Commercial Studio Techniques III3
VCPH-2991Professional Business Practices and Portfolio Prep for Photographers4

Veterinary Technology

VT-1120Introduction to Veterinary Technology2

Women's and Gender Studies

WGS-1510Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies3
WGS-151HHonors Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies3
WGS-2010Women in the World3
WGS-201HHonors Women in the World3