About Us


Founded in 2003, Corporate College® offers professional training and development opportunities and state-of-the-art meeting and conference space to businesses and individuals throughout Northeast Ohio. We provide access to industry experts, skilled training professionals and professional development programs to ensure we deliver the right solutions for your unique business needs. Corporate College is home to The Center for Entrepreneurs, where we provide resources and support, through courses, workshops, and a speaker’s series, designed to help individuals and businesses succeed in their entrepreneurial pursuits. A state-of-the-art Podcast Studio is also available for rental to all clients of Corporate College, entrepreneurs and the Northeast Ohio community. Corporate College is located in Warrensville Heights and Westlake and offers classes at the Brunswick University Center.

Mission Statement

Corporate College’s mission is to provide high-quality, accessible and affordable post-employment training, consulting expertise and entrepreneurship resources that drives business growth for organizations, professionals and entrepreneurs.

Professional Development


Corporate College offers the ideal combination of courses to help today’s professional increase proficiency in current skills or gain new skills — whether individually or as a group, in person, virtually or online. Our courses and programs align with current business and industry standards, helping professionals gain necessary skills and a competitive edge to move to the next level of their career. 

Training Topics

Organizational Development/Soft Skills

Quality, Continual and Process Improvement and Technical Skills

Accounting, Finance, Tax and Payroll

Real Estate Pre-Licensure

  • 120-Hour Online Course
  • 120-Hour Online Course with Coach

Customized Corporate and Group Professional Development 


Your unique goals, challenges, needs and work environment all factor into how we design the right learning experience to meet your desired outcomes around performance, efficiency and productivity. Because our team of subject matter experts and facilitators have industry experience, they combine the material with firsthand knowledge of how to apply it on the job to accelerate your team’s mastery of new skills. You, your team and your organization become empowered to perform at higher levels and become even more competitive and maintain leadership in your industry.

Conference Center and Hospitality Services


With Corporate College as your partner, planning that special event is easy. Our experienced team of event planners will focus on your event details so you can stay focused on your business agenda. Your Corporate College event planner will coordinate with our energetic and professional staff to ensure your meeting is a success. In addition to event planners, our team includes concierge staff, an audio-visual technician, technology support staff and world-class catering.

The Center for Entrepreneurs


The Center for Entrepreneurs was established in 2023 to provide resources and support to help individuals and businesses succeed in their entrepreneurial pursuits. We strive to empower and inspire entrepreneurs of all backgrounds and to foster a culture of innovation and creativity within our community.  We are committed to connecting entrepreneurs with the resources they need to reach their goals and to create a vibrant and thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem. Our mission is to Educate, Empower and Elevate individuals to Execute their dreams of successful business ownership. We offer four curriculum tracks for entrepreneurs: Discovery, Foundation, Acceleration and Expansion as well as a Podcast curriculum series.