Access to Student Records

As part of its responsibility toward students, the College must maintain accurate and confidential student records. Tri-C recognizes the rights of students to have access to their educational records and to limit such access by others in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). These rights are documented in Tri-C’s procedure on student educational records.

Student records, with certain exceptions, will not be released without prior consent of the student. Students have the right to review and question the content of their educational records within a reasonable time after requesting such a review. If there are any questions as to the accuracy or appropriateness of the records that cannot be resolved informally, an opportunity for a hearing on the matter is provided. Students who wish to review their educational records may inquire at the Admissions & Financial Services office for details regarding Tri-C procedures designed to expedite their request. Additionally, active students can access student records and unofficial transcripts via my Tri-C space

Change of Address

Students are required to notify Tri-C of an address change. Updates can be made via my Tri-C space. A change of address does not automatically change residency status for the benefit of tuition charges. See the Residency Requirements section for information about changing residency status for tuition purposes.

Directory Information

Tri-C has designated the following information as directory information and will disclose this information without prior written consent unless otherwise instructed by the student: student name; address (local and home); program of study (including college of enrollment, major and campus); enrollment status (full time, part time, withdrawn); dates of attendance; and degrees, honors and awards received.

The following will be disclosed for members of athletic teams only: previous educational institutions attended; participation in officially recognized activities and sports; and weight and height.

Students who wish to have this information kept confidential should contact the Admissions & Financial Services office.