The mission of the Counseling Department is to provide personal, academic and career counseling and advising services for current, former, and prospective students. There are professional counselors at each of the campuses to assist students in:

  • Clarifying academic and career goals 

  • Completion of personalized Academic and/or Career Plan through graduation or completion

  • Develop & conduct Student Success Workshops

  • Navigating course selections and modalities

  • Mapping program of study and co-curricular experiences 

  • Developing strategies to build on strengths and to overcome barriers

  • Accessing available collegiate and community resources to support reaching these goals

Academic, career, and personal concerns are addressed as appropriate and needed. Direct student services are provided through individual counseling, general studies courses and student success workshops. The Counseling Department also conducts the orientation program for new students. Students are encouraged to meet with a counselor every semester to facilitate progress from initial matriculation through program completion and graduation.

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