General Application Procedures

Business, Legal Professions, and Hospitality Programs

Certain programs at Cuyahoga Community College require students to meet proficiency requirements in order to progress to the next level of course work within the student’s major area of study. In addition to the proficiency requirements, some may also require students to complete an application for that program.
Students are responsible for meeting the admission and/or proficiency requirements for a listed program major.

Prior to taking any coursework, students should follow the regular procedures for admission to Cuyahoga Community College. These procedures can be found in  the Admissions section of the catalog,

In addition to the admission procedures, all students must do the following:

  1. If you have not earned college credit for an English or Math course through Tri-C, Advanced Placement, Credit for Prior Learning, or another college or university, you must take the English and Math assessment tests to determine your placement in these subjects. The semester English and Math courses indicated on the program sequence page(s) are the minimum levels for eligibility.
  2. If indicated on the program sequence page(s), submit a completed application form to the program to which you wish to apply. Application forms may be obtained from the departmental office.
  3. Complete all other requirements for your program as specified on the program sequence page(s). Additional details about the program can be obtained from the program coordinator/manager or by appointment with a Tri-C counselor.

If an application is required for your program, the application does not necessarily guarantee admission to that program.

Transition to New Math Curriculum

In order to provide students enrolled prior to Fall 2016 with an appropriate transition period for to the state-mandated changes in the College’s mathematics curriculum, the following “grandfathering” time periods have been established:

  • For Graduation:  MATH-1141, MATH-1200, and MATH-1280 completed prior to Fall 2016 and ​MATH-1270 completed prior to Summer 2017 will meet the College’s Math Requirement for graduation through Summer 2021.
  • For Admission to Selective Admission Programs: For students admitted to begin these programs prior to Fall 2019 MATH-1141, MATH-1200, or MATH-1280  completed prior to Fall 2016 and MATH-1270 completed prior to Summer 2017 will be accepted to meet the Math requirements for admission to these programs.

Definition of Eligibility

Eligibility for a specific course may be demonstrated by any of the following:

  1.  Completion of Tri-C’s assessment with a score appropriate for placement into the specific course listed; OR
  2.  Completion of the prerequisite for the course listed with a grade of “C” or higher (including equivalent courses transferred in from another college or university); OR
  3.  Completion of the course listed with a grade of “C” or higher (including equivalent courses transferred in from another college or university).

Quarter Courses

Quarter courses may still be applied to meet degree requirements. Schedule an appointment with a counselor to determine eligible quarter courses for specific degree programs.