The goal of the Post-Degree Certificate in User Experience Design is to prepare candidates for a rewarding career in this expanding field. The curriculum is based on learning the fundamentals of user experience and the role of qualitative and quantitative research in design. Learners are assisted in the development of functional prototypes using industry standard software. The certificate offers in-depth coursework in a design thinking-based approach to research and prototype development. This sequence is especially beneficial for those who already hold a degree in a related field but wish to update or add user experience design to their skill set.

Financial Assistance funds cannot be applied towards this program. Request for eligibility to utilize Financial Assistance funds for this program is currently pending.

This certificate will be automatically awarded when the certificate requirements are completed. If you do not want to receive the certificate, please notify the Office of the Registrar at

This program is available to be completed 100% online.

Associates Degree or higher.

  1. Apply knowledge of the basic principles of user experience design to create user interfaces.
  2. Demonstrate knowledge of industry standard design, prototyping and collaboration software.
  3. Create interactive prototypes based on research.
  4. Choose the appropriate user research method based on how the results vary depending on the research method used.
  5. Implement data analysis and communication skills in the presentation of user research results.
  6. Use critical thinking to evaluate designs for accessibility, device diversity, technical limitations.
Plan of Study Grid
Summer StartCredit Hours
VC-1000 Visual Communication Foundation 3
 Credit Hours3
First Semester
VC-1431 Vector Graphics 3
VCIM-2700 User Experience Design 3
VCIM-2372 Interactive Media I - Design Thinking 3
 Credit Hours9
Second Semester
VCIM-2380 Interactive Media II - App Design 3
VCIM-2572 User Experience Studio 3
 Credit Hours6
 Total Credit Hours18