Program description

Effective leaders are searching for new methods to navigate the volatile, complex and ambiguous nature of these unprecedented times. The name of the game has changed, and mindful leadership has emerged as the preferred leadership style.

Participants in the Mindful Leadership certificate program will harness the power of mindfulness in order to enhance their personal power and leverage proven leadership principles to find increased balance, clarity, focus, compassion and creativity in the workplace.

  • Understand what mindful leadership is.
  • Understand why mindfulness is so effective in developing leadership skills.
  • Practice mindfulness.
  • Establish a vision and focus.
  • Understand the elements needed to increase balance, integrity, confidence and compassion.

Certificate Program Includes the Following Courses:

  • Change Your Habits, Change Your Life
  • Get What You Want in Life and Business
  • Improve Company Culture and Increase the Bottom Line
  • Mindset 2.0: An Innovative Approach to Creating the Life and Business You Want
  • Role Overload: Manage Your Roles and Navigate Out of Overwhelm
  • The Mindful Leader

Program cost

Visit the Corporate College website for pricing.

Financial aid eligibility

This program is not Federal Financial Aid/Pell Eligible.

Scholarships, payment plans, and other financial aid options may be available.  For more information, call 216-987-6000, option 1.

Upon completion students receive

  • Certificate of Completion 

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