Post-graduate certificate designed to update or enhance skills in object-oriented technologies. Students will experience the object-oriented environment of programming, database and Web technologies.

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This certificate will be automatically awarded when the certificate requirements are completed. If you do not want to receive the certificate, please notify the Office of the Registrar at

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Program Admission Requirements

  • MATH-1240 Contemporary Mathematics or MATH-0965 Intermediate Algebra appropriate score on Math Placement Test.
  • Associate degree or higher required

Program Learning Outcomes

This program is designed to prepare students to demonstrate the following learning outcomes:

  1. Operate in a diverse team environment with professionalism, integrity and accountability.
  2. Explain and implement technologies that are impacted by legal and ethical issues.
  3. Plan, organize and prioritize tasks in order to meet project deadlines.
  4. Adapt to change within their profession by demonstrating a commitment to continuous research and learning.
  5. Apply knowledge of programming, website maintenance, operating systems, networking and security to install, configure, troubleshoot and provide ongoing support and maintenance for technology related organizational systems.
  6. Apply knowledge of programming (application, web, data and security) at the enterprise level and use industry standards, guidelines and use appropriate tools to gather requirements, develop, test and quality assure organizational information technology business systems (new and existing). Work as part of a development team using industry standards and guidelines.

Suggested Semester Sequence

Plan of Study Grid
First SemesterCredit Hours
IT-1025 Information Technology Concepts for Programmers 3
IT-1050 Programming Logic 3
IT-1150 Introduction to Web Programming 3
 Credit Hours9
Second Semester
IT-2320 Interactive Internet Programming 4
IT-2351 Enterprise Database Systems 4
IT-2650 Java Programming 4
 Credit Hours12
Third Semester
IT-2030 ASP.NET Web Programming 4
IT-2660 Data Structures & Algorithms 4
IT-2700 Systems Analysis and Design 3
 Credit Hours11
 Total Credit Hours32