The Game Design certificate provides students with a foundation focusing on the fundamentals of 2D and 3D Game Design for various platforms including console, computer and mobile devices. Completion of this certificate will provide students with applied experience utilizing industry standard tools and techniques to develop games for a broad audience.

This program is available to be completed 100% online.

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This certificate will be automatically awarded when the certificate requirements are completed. If you do not want to receive the certificate, please notify the Office of the Registrar at

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Program Learning Outcomes

This program is designed to prepare students to demonstrate the following learning outcomes:

  1. Apply effective verbal, written and visual communication skills to present a game concept to potential clients and other designers.
  2. Work independently and as a member of a design team to create a game within a time and defined parameters.
  3. Use theories of game design to create an interactive experience and framework around a theme for a targeted/chosen audience.
  4. Plan, design and build assets, mechanics and rules to assemble a playable prototype.
  5. Develop, refine and evaluate the game with the appropriate digital or analog tools to produce the final product for a chosen gaming platform.
  6. Deploy the game through appropriate channels.

Suggested Semester Sequence

Plan of Study Grid
First SemesterCredit Hours
VC-1000 Visual Communication Foundation 3
VCIL-1640 3D Design 3
VCIM-1200 Game Design I: Introduction to Game Design 3
VCIM-1400 Game Design II: Game Engines 3
 Credit Hours12
Second Semester
VCIL-2040 3D Motion 3
VCIM-2271 2D Animation 3
VCIM-2200 Game Design III: Game Design Studio 3
VCIM-2401 Game Design IV-Game Publishing 3
 Credit Hours12
 Total Credit Hours24

MATH-1140, MATH-1141, MATH-1200, MATH-1270, and MATH-1280 can no longer count towards fulfilling the college-level mathematics requirement.  These courses were re-classified as developmental mathematics by the state of Ohio in 2016.  Tri-C established a 5-year transitioning window for students who had completed these courses prior to 2016 to apply them towards meeting graduation requirements, which expired in Summer 2021. It is highly recommended to see a counselor to determine the appropriate math required for your current major.