Program description

Top performers and up-to-date leaders realize that it takes a unique skill set to create authentic relationships with all people, regardless of race, gender, religion or other dimension of diversity. Creating a work environment in which everyone feels welcome and is given a voice takes a deliberate journey of self-discovery and learning. 

Positive diversity and inclusion practices improve the employee experience and overall workplace performance. Research conducted by McKinsey and Company demonstrated how a diverse and inclusive workplace can lead to:

  • Greater employee engagement
  • Wider variety of perspectives
  • Increased creativity
  • Higher innovation rate
  • Faster problem solving
  • Improved decision-making results

Corporate College® offers courses that enable self-discovery in an environment that is safe, engaging and collaborative.

Training and Certificates

Our diversity, equity and inclusion facilitators are skilled at facilitating productive dialog and managing complex group dynamics as they focus on achieving the organizational and individual outcomes necessary to raise awareness, understanding and behavioral change.

Adapting Across Cultures Through Emotional Intelligence
Embracing Generational Diversity
Women in Leadership
Inclusive Leadership
Understanding Unconscious Bias
Overcoming Conflict in a Diverse Workplace
Valuing Differences — Our Uniquenesses

Program cost

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Financial aid eligibility

This program is not Federal Financial Aid/Pell Eligible.

Scholarships, payment plans, and other financial aid options may be available.  For more information, call 216-987-6000, option 1.

Upon completion students receive

  • Certificate of Completion for each course
  • Program Certificate

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