EET-1220Circuits and Electronics for Automation3
ISET-1300Mechanical/Electrical Print Reading2
MET-1120Computer Applications and Programming2
MET-123B2D AutoCAD 12
MET-1640Robotics and Programmable Logic Controllers in Process Automation5
Select one of the following:3
College Composition I
Honors College Composition I
MATH-1100Mathematical Explorations (or higher) 23
ISET-1320Fundamentals of Fluid Power2
MET-1340Introduction to Industry 4.0 Vision Systems4
MET-26013D Solid Modeling3
HUM-1020The Individual in Society3
EET-1600Industrial Routers, Switches, and Operating Systems for Smart Manufacturing2
ISET-2200Industrial Motor Controls3
MET-1410Computer Aided Manufacturing Processes3
COMM-1000Fundamentals of Interpersonal Communication3
DEGR-XXXXNatural Science Elective 33
DEGR-XXXXSocial and Behavioral Science Elective3
ENG-2151Technical Writing3
EET-1620Industrial Protocols and Machine Connectivity for Smart Manufacturing 3
MET-2450Robotics and Automation in Smart Manufacturing4
MET-2460Applied Programmable Logic Controllers and Mechatronic Systems5