Physical Therapist Assisting Technology

Physical Therapist Assisting Technology, Associate of Applied Science

BIO-2331Anatomy and Physiology I4
HTEC-1000Introduction to Patient Care1
MA-1020Medical Terminology I3
Select one of the following:3
Honors College Composition I
College Composition I
BIO-2341Anatomy and Physiology II4
MATH-1240Contemporary Mathematics3
PTAT-1100Introduction to Physical Therapist Assisting2
PTAT-1300Functional Anatomy4
PTAT-1312Fundamentals of Physical Therapy3
PTAT-1320Introduction to Therapeutic Exercise2
PTAT-1401Clinical Pathophysiology2
PTAT-1411Physical Therapy Procedures3
PTAT-1420Therapeutic Exercise3
PTAT-2341Psychosocial issues in Physical Therapy2
Select one of the following:3
College Composition II
Honors College Composition II
Select one of the following:3
General Psychology
Honors General Psychology
PTAT-2940Field Experience I 11
HTEC-1120Critical Thinking in Healthcare1
HTEC-1610Introduction to Pharmacology2
PTAT-2200Physical Therapy in Acute Care Setting2
PTAT-2301Long Term Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Procedures4
PTAT-2310Pediatric Physical Therapy2
PTAT-2330Geriatric Physical Therapy2
PTAT-2840Clinical Practicum I 22
PTAT-2850Clinical Practicum II 22
PTAT-2970Practicum Seminar1