Pharmacy Technology

Pharmacy Technology, Associate of Applied Science

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BIO-1100Introduction to Biological Chemistry 13
Select one of the following:3
College Composition I
Honors College Composition I
BIO-1050Human Biology 23
BIO-105LHuman Biology Laboratory1
PHM-1300Introduction to Pharmacy Practice3
PHM-1350Pharmacy Practice I3
PHM-1450Pharmacology and Therapeutic Principles I3
PHM-1751Medication Calculations for Sterile Preparations1
PHM-1360Pharmacy Practice II3
PHM-1460Pharmacology and Therapeutic Principles II3
PHM-1760Calculations for Compounding and Dispensing1
PHM-1860Pharmacy Technology Practicum I3
PHM-2080Pharmacy Technician Examination Review1
Select one of the following:3
Algebraic and Quantitative Reasoning
Contemporary Mathematics (Select one of the following:)
MA-1020Medical Terminology I3
PHM-2701Current Topics in Pharmacy Practice4
PHM-2860Pharmacy Technology Practicum II3
Select one of the following3-4
Medicinal Plants Chemistry
Microbiology (Select one of the following)
Select one of the following:3
Computer Applications
Honors Computer Applications
HLTH-1100Personal Health Education3
PHM-2870Pharmacy Technology Practicum III3
Communications/Mathematics/Natural Sciences requirement3
Select one of the following:3
Honors Bioethics

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