Diagnostic Medical Sonography (General Sonography)

Diagnostic Medical Sonography with a Concentration in General Sonography, Associate of Applied Science

BIO-2331Anatomy and Physiology I 14
BIO-2341Anatomy and Physiology II4
DMS-1071Concepts of Physics in Diagnostic Sonography2
DMS-1303Introduction to Sonography2
DMS-1320Introduction to Sonographic Scanning1
DMS-1351Patient Care Skills1
MATH-1410Elementary Probability and Statistics I 23
Select one of the following:3
College Composition I
Honors College Composition I
DMS-1311Initial Sonographic Scanning2
DMS-1401Abdominal Sonography I4
DMS-1500Gynecologic and Obstetrical Sonography4
Select one of the following:3
General Psychology
Honors General Psychology
DMS-1940Field Experience I1
DMS-2301Intermediate Sonographic Scanning2
DMS-2401Abdominal Sonography II4
DMS-2500Obstetrical Sonography4
PSY-1060Cross-Cultural Competency for Health Care Providers1
MA-1010Introduction to Medical Terminology 32
DMS-1950Field Experience II2
HTEC-1110Ethics for Health Care Professionals 41
Select one of the following:3
College Composition II
Honors College Composition II
DMS-2350Sonographic Instrument/Physics3
DMS-2940Field Experience III3
DMS-2985Physics Review1
DMS-2991Sonography Capstone1
DMS-2950Field Experience IV1
DMS-2981Specialty Registry Review1
DMS-xxxxDMS Elective1-2


Technical Electives

Select from the following courses to fulfill DMS elective option:

DMS-1381Cardiac Diagnostic Procedures3
DMS-2330Sonographic Pathology3
DMS-2450Breast Sonography2
DMS-2650Pediatric Cardiac Sonography3
DMS-2750Principles of Vascular Imaging for Abdomen and Cardiac Sonographers3
DMS-2960Supplemental Field Experience2
DMS-2983Supplemental Speciality Registry Review1