Associate of Arts with a Concentration in Theatre

GEN-1070First Year Success Seminar1
THEA-1010Theatre Appreciation3
THEA-1430Introduction to Scenery and Stagecrafts3
DEGR-XXXXForeign Language or elective (see below list)3-4
Select one of the following:3
College Composition I
Honors College Composition I
Select one of the following:
Fundamentals of Speech Communication
Honors Speech Communication
MATH-1100Mathematical Explorations (or higher) 13
THEA-1500Acting I3
THEA-1550Practicum in Technical Theatre2
DEGR-XXXX Foreign Language or Elective (see below list)3-4
Select one of the following:3
College Composition II
Honors College Composition II
Technical Writing
THEA-1540Rehearsal and Performance2
DEGR-XXXXArts and Humanities Requirement (must be from a discipline other than Theatre -see below list) 23
DEGR-2XXXArts and Humanities Requirement (see below list) 23
DEGR-2XXXElective (see below list) or Foreign Language (if needed)3
DEGR-XXXXNatural Science Requirement with Lab
DEGR-XXXXSocial and Behavioral Science Requirement3
THEA-2010Script Analysis3
DEGR-2XXXElective (see below list) or Foreign Language (if needed)3
DEGR-XXXXNatural Science Requirement3
DEGR-XXXXSocial and Behavioral Science Requirement3
Select one of the following Social Science/Civic Responsibility electives:
Environmental Geography
United States History to 1877
United States History Since 1877
Honors United States History since 1877
American National Government
Honors American National Government
State & Local Government
Comparative Politics
International Relations

Foreign Language Requirement

The majority of schools require at least 6-8 credits of foreign language at the College level to complete a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre; however, the Foreign Language requirement varies from institution to institution and may depend on how many foreign language courses you took at the high school level.  For this reason, you should check with your intended transfer institution to determine how many foreign language credits are required for your intended transfer program and plan accordingly.   To fulfill foreign language requirements, you should select from the below Transfer Assurance Guide approved foreign language courses.  If your intended program of study doesn't require foreign language or you have fulfilled the requirement based on coursework taken in high school, you may select other appropriate Ohio Transfer Module or Transfer Assurance Guide approved courses as electives, in place of the foreign language requirement.  See recommendations below for elective course selection. 

Foreign Language Requirement
ASL-1010Beginning American Sign Language I4
ASL-1020Beginning American Sign Language II4
ASL-2010Intermediate American Sign Language I4
ASL-2020Intermediate American Sign Language II4
FREN-1010Beginning French I4
FREN-1020Beginning French II4
FREN-2010Intermediate French I3
FREN-2020Intermediate French II3
GER-1010Beginning German I4
ITAL-1010Beginning Italian I4
ITAL-1020Beginning Italian II4
SPAN-1011Beginning Spanish Language and Cultures I4
SPAN-1021Beginning Spanish Language and Culture II4
SPAN-2010Intermediate Spanish Language and Culture I3
SPAN-2020Intermediate Spanish Language and Cultures II3

Arts and Humanities Recommended Electives

Note: These courses can also be used to fulfill elective credits if the program you plan to pursue at your intended transfer institution does not require 2 years of a foreign language.  It is required to take at least one course from two different disciplines to fulfill Arts and Humanities Requirements. View full list of courses that can be selected to fulfill Arts and Humanities, Social and Behavioral Sciences, and Natural Sciences requirements here.

Recommended courses to meet Arts and Humanities requirements
ART-2020Art History Survey: Prehistoric to Renaissance3
ART-2030Art History Survey: Late Renaissance to Present3
DANC-1100Dance Appreciation3
THEA-2210History of Theatre and Drama I3
THEA-2220History of Theatre & Drama II3