Applied Industrial Technology (Millwrighting), Apprenticeship Program

Applied Industrial Technology (Millwrighting), Associate of Applied Science

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ATCT-1301Introduction to Carpentry2
ATMW-1320Introduction to Millwrighting2
ATMW-1330Print Reading for Millwrights2
ATMW-1350Hydraulics/Centrifugal Pumps2
Select one of the following:3
Computer Applications
Honors Computer Applications
Select one of the following:3
College Composition I
Honors College Composition I
ATMW-1450Heavy Rigging2
ATMW-1490Millwright Pile Driver Weld I2
ATMW-1720Machinery Installation2
ATMW-2120Shaft Alignment2
CNST-1731Construction Print Reading3
Communication requirement3
ATCT-1310Carpentry Safety2
ATMW-2130Shaft Alignment II2
ATMW-2230Millwright Pile Driver Weld II2
ATMW-2350Floor Conveyor2
CNST-2131Construction Methods and Materials3
MATH-1xxx1000-level MATH course or higher3
Arts & Humanities requirement3
AIT-2990Contracting in a Diverse World3
ATMW-2520Millwright PileDriver Weld III 12
ATPD-2700Millwright-Pile Driver Weld IV 12
ATXX-xxxxATxx Elective Apprenticeship course2-3
CNST-2631Construction Management Systems3
CNST-2990Construction Estimating & Cost Analysis3
Soc & Behavioral Science requirement3

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