ZPRG-1048 Cleveland Codes Tri-C Software Developers Academy

18 CEUs

Cleveland Codes is a hybrid, 14-week IT Fast Track Program. Students work through self -directed online content prior to class.  This flexible approach to learning provides students with skills necessary to pursue a career in web application and development by learning to program in Python. Students participate in a Capstone project as part of this engaging learning experience.

Contact hours: 180

Not financial aid eligible.

ZPRG-1050 Web Design Specialist

3.6 CEUs

This course focuses on the 520 exam objectives, and provides knowledge and skills in areas such as site development essentials, web design elements, basic and advanced web technologies, website development process, website accessibility and usability, navigation concepts and many more. The course is best suited for professionals wanting to start a career in the field of web design. Please Note:  Our online courses are instructor-led virtual courses that require live interaction between our instructors and students on assigned days and activities.

Contact hours: 36

Not financial aid eligible.