ZLAW-1181 Advanced UAS (Drone) Operations for Public Safety

1.4 CEUs

This two-day training course helps public safety UAS pilots take their skills to the next level.  Participants engage in lectures and hands-on learning during the day and sharpen their piloting skills at the Simulated Scenario Village in the evening. Topics include: Thermal sensor operations Search tactics and strategies Night operations Tactical operations (SWAT, interior search, etc.)

Contact hours: 14

Prerequisite(s): Introduction to Drone Operations or equivalent

Not financial aid eligible.

ZLAW-1188 Introduction to Drone Operations

4 CEUs

This one-week drone operator course will introduce first responders to drone technology, including its capabilities and uses in law enforcement and other emergency response situations. The course will provide hands-on experience via simulation. First responders will have an understanding of how and when to utilize drones from emergency and homeland security situations. Participants must be law enforcement, fire or other type of first responder.

Contact hours: 40

Not financial aid eligible.

ZLAW-1207 Dispatch Communications

19.7 CEUs

This twelve-week course combines classroom and hands-on training, including keyboarding and listening and responding to actual 911 and non-emergency calls. Topics include: Basic introduction to Emergency Medical Dispatch Specialized training on 911 Trainer CAD Simulator Certification in 911 Telecommunications to include Police, Fire, and EMS Certifications in several industry related FEMA classes Certificate of Competition for Active Shooter, A.L.I.C.E., Bias Free Communications ,Critical Incident Dispatching, Keyboarding, and NENA Beyond the Basics: Advances in Managing Stressful Callers, Active Shooter Events and NG 911

Contact hours: 197

Not financial aid eligible.

ZLAW-7046 Police Motorcycle Operator Course

8 CEUs

This comprehensive 80-hour course includes both classroom and hands-on training in specific police motorcycle operations such as slow speed maneuvering, tight turns and emergency braking. Students must provide the following equipment: department motorcycle, over-the-ankle footwear, long pants (no holes), long-sleeved shirt or jacket, full-fingered gloves, eye protection and DOT- or SNELL-certified helmet.

Contact hours: 80

Not financial aid eligible.

ZLAW-7051 Police Motorcycle Operator Instructor Course

12 CEUs

This comprehensive 120-hour course includes both classroom and hands-on training in police motorcycle duties. The course focuses on slow speed maneuver, tight turns and emergency braking.

Contact hours: 120

Not financial aid eligible.

ZLAW-7054 IPMBA E-Bike Training Course

0.8 CEUs

This eight-hour e-bike training module uses a combination of lectures, skill practice and isolation drills to help public safety cyclists transition their fundamental cycling skills from conventional bicycles to e-bikes. E-bikes are faster, heavier and less maneuverable than conventional bicycles; therefore, public safety cyclists must successfully complete the applicable IPMBA Public Safety Cycling course prior to registration. Note: This training module does not support out-of-class electric vehicles (OCEVs) that exceed the maximum legal speed limit for e-bikes.

Contact hours: 8

Not financial aid eligible.