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Associate of Science with a Concentration in Biology

Associate of Science with a Concentration in Biology

MATH-1140, MATH-1141, MATH-1200, MATH-1270, and MATH-1280 can no longer count towards fulfilling the college-level mathematics requirement.  These courses were re-classified as developmental mathematics by the state of Ohio in 2016.  Tri-C established a 5-year transitioning window for students who had completed these courses prior to 2016 to apply them towards meeting graduation requirements, which expired in Summer 2021. It is highly recommended to see a counselor to determine the appropriate math required for your current major.

GEN-1070First Year Success Seminar1
Select one of the following:3-7
Elementary Probability and Statistics I 1
Precalculus 1
College Algebra
and Trigonometry 1
Select one of the following:4
Principles of Biology I
Honors Principles of Biology I
Select one of the following:5
General Chemistry I
and General Chemistry Laboratory I 2
Honors General Chemistry I
BIO-1510Principles of Biology II4
Select one of the following:3
College Composition I
Honors College Composition I
Select one of the following:5
Calculus I
Honors Calculus I
Select one of the following:
General Chemistry II
and General Chemistry Laboratory II
Honors General Chemistry II
CHEM-2300Organic Chemistry I5
Select one of the following:3
Fundamentals of Speech Communication
Honors Speech Communication
Select one of the following:3
College Composition II
Honors College Composition II
Select one of the following:3
General Psychology
Honors General Psychology
Select one of the following Arts and Humanities/Civic Responsibility courses:
The Individual in Society
Honors Individual in Society
The Individual in Cosmos
Critical Thinking
Select two of the following:7-8
DEGR-XXXXBiology Elective (see below list)
Organic Chemistry II 3
College Physics I 4
General Physics I 4
Elective (See below list)
Select one of the following:3
Introductory Sociology
Honors Introductory Sociology
DEGR-XXXXArts and Humanities Requirement 53

Recommended Electives

Students can select from a combination of courses to fulfill the 10 elective credits.  For example, these could be made up of two 5 credit courses, one 5 credit course and two 3 credit courses, two 3 credit courses and a 4 credit course, two 4 credit courses and a 3 credit course, etc.  The below courses are recommended to fulfill elective credits.  You should select elective courses based on your planned program of study at the four-year institution.

Biology Electives
BIO-2060Principles of Genetics3
BIO-2150Environmental Science3
Pre-Medicine, Pre-Dentistry, Pre-Veterinary Medicine, or Medical Laboratory Track
CHEM-2310Organic Chemistry II5
Education/Integrated Science (Seeking 7-12 Teaching Licensure)
BIO-2150Environmental Science3
Physical Geology
and Lab in Physical Geology
or ESCI-141H Honors Physical Geology
EDUC-1011Introduction to Education3
EDUC-1411Individuals with Exceptionalities3
PSY-2110Educational Psychology *3