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ZINM-1018 Industrial Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) I

3.2 CEUs

Learn and apply the concepts of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC). This is a hands-on introduction to industrial type applications of PLCs requiring motion control with a study of automated manufacturing and the functions PLCs serve in an industrial environment.

Contact hours: 32

Not financial aid eligible.

ZINM-1035 Industrial Hydraulics

3.2 CEUs

This course will cover high pressure fluid systems. Labs will cover industrial hydraulics and fluid power circuitry. Material will also address the components used on mobile and construction machinery. Information will be shared regarding troubleshooting systems and repairing equipment.

Contact hours: 32

Not financial aid eligible.

ZINM-1066 Electronics for Manufacturing Electricians

2.4 CEUs

This class was specifically designed for Electrical Apprentices at a local manufacturing company. The students will learn Electronic Relay Controls, Sequencing Controls, Electronic Timers and Advanced Systems, Electronic Sensors and Electronic Counter Systems.

Contact hours: 24

Not financial aid eligible.

ZINM-1076 Welding Seminar

0.8 CEUs

Tri-C Auto-Tech department welding seminar. Topics covered: Compliance with industry safety guidelines ; review of the fundamental skills of Stick, MIG, TIG and OxyFuel welding technologies ; how to light and operate an oxy-acetylene torch and practice of this skill .

Contact hours: 8

Not financial aid eligible.

ZINM-1077 Certified Production Tech (CPT) Training

16 CEUs

This program provides an industrywide accepted certification recognizing individuals who demonstrate mastery of the core competencies of manufacturing production through successful completion of the certification assessments. The CPT certification program will increase the level of performance of production workers and help both  individuals in finding higher-wage jobs and employers in increasing the company’s productivity and competitiveness.

Contact hours: 88

Not financial aid eligible.

ZINM-1078 MIG Welding - First Energy

1.6 CEUs

Contact hours: 16

Not financial aid eligible.

ZINM-1079 Fluid Power for Maintenance Technicians 1

3.2 CEUs

This course addresses the practical application of fluid power principles used in the installation, maintenance and troubleshooting of industrial hydraulic and pneumatic systems and equipment.

Contact hours: 32

Not financial aid eligible.

ZINM-1080 Fluid Power for Maintenance Technicians 2

4 CEUs

Second part of course addresses the practical application of fluid power principles used in the installation, maintenance and troubleshooting of industrial hydraulic and pneumatic systems and equipment.

Contact hours: 40

Not financial aid eligible.

ZINM-1082 Industrial Maintenance Certificate Training Program

31 CEUs

The Industrial Maintenance Certification Program prepares individuals for a career in the high-demand industrial maintenance field. Taking a systems approach integrating electrical, mechanical, and IT, the program helps meet the demand for industrial maintenance technicians in Northeast Ohio’s advanced manufacturing sector. The marriage of these three fields - better known as mechatronic systems - plays an ever-increasing role in manufacturing; from your car to your household appliances, from public transportation systems to electric power generators - in short, almost every aspect of daily life.

Contact hours: 310

Not financial aid eligible.

ZINM-1083 Electricity I - Direct Current

1.4 CEUs

Basic Electricity class for Direct Current theory and applications. This is a non-credit class developed for MRP corporation.

Contact hours: 14

Not financial aid eligible.

ZINM-1086 Basics of Process Control and Instrumentation

4.8 CEUs

Concepts of electronics circuitry, devices and instruments including purpose, function and operations of diodes, transistors, silicon controlled rectifiers (SCR) DIAC, TRIAC, FET and other solid state devises in electronic circuits. Special attention is paid to industrial devices that contain these devices.

Contact hours: 48

Not financial aid eligible.

ZINM-1090 Troubleshooting for Maintenance

9.6 CEUs

Use pneumatic and electrical diagnostic tools to troubleshoot simple and advanced pneumatic and hydraulic trainers in common failure modes. Explore advanced pneumatic and hydraulic operations. Troubleshoot simple PLC wiring and pneumatics on a running program. Introduce mechanical concepts such as alignment, and rigging. Review 5-whys and do practical troubleshooting on plant equipment.

Contact hours: 96

Not financial aid eligible.

ZINM-2023 Oatey Mold Technology/Plastics Injection Molding

12.9 CEUs

Oatey Contract Training

Contact hours: 129

Not financial aid eligible.