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The Equivalency Course Chart lists current semester courses that have equivalencies and semester courses that have been officially deleted and therefore are unavailable to students. Each current/deleted course is paired with a course replacement. The course replacement is identical in content and has been renumbered to meet new degree requirements, or is very similar in content and instructional function and has been declared equivalent by content experts in the specific discipline. Active equivalent semester courses have sufficient content similar in nature and instructional function and have been declared equivalent. These course equivalents will be used consistently College-wide.

The concept of repeated courses, point of graduation, and point of course completion are important elements of equivalent courses. These elements are explained below.

Repeated Course

If identified as equivalent, renumbered course may be treated as repeats.

The Equivalent Course Chart identifies a new course as equivalent to a current or deleted course. These new courses carry a different course number and may also carry a different subject code. These identified equivalent renumbered courses will be treated as repeats under the College’s repeated course rules, i.e., credit is earned for only one completion and the single highest grade is computed into the student’s grade point average.

Repeated Modularized Courses

All modularized courses together are equivalent to their source course and may be treated as repeats.

Source courses that have been modularized are indicated in the Course Descriptions of the College Catalog and may be identified by use of letters “A” through “E” in the fourth position of the course number. Modular courses, when all are completed, are equivalent to the source course. To meet degree requirements, completion of either the source course or all its modules is required. When a source course is used to meet degree requirements, none of the modular courses may be used; and when modular courses are used to meet degree requirements, the source course may not be used.

Since modular courses are equivalent to their source course, modular courses will be treated as repeats under the College’s repeated course rules provided that the earned grade in each of the modular courses is higher than the grade earned in the source course. A source course may be treated as a repeat of all the modules.

Point of Graduation

If a course is a 2000-level course at the time the student graduates, the credits may apply to the 2000-level degree requirement.

A course may be renumbered from a 1000-level course number to a 2000-level course number. The degree requirements for the Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, Associate of Applied Business and Associate of Applied Science, effective Fall 2012, require 12 semester credits at the 2000-level. Students who took a 1000-level course that has since been renumbered to a 2000-level course may use that 2000-level course to meet the 2000-level requirement.

Point of Course Completion

If a course was taken when it carried a 2000-level course number, the semester credits may be applied to the 2000-level degree requirement.

A course may be renumbered from a 2000-level course number to a 1000-level course number. The student may apply the course to the 12 semester credits at the 2000-level requirement if the course carried a 2000-level course number at the time the student took the course.

Equivalency Courses

Current Course Deleted Courses That Are Equivalent for Grade Repeat
ACCT-1011 ACCT-1010 (3 Cr.)
ACCT-1041 ACCT-1040 (3 Cr.)
ACCT-1311 ACCT-1310 (4 Cr.)
ACCT-1341 ACCT-1340 (4 Cr.)
ACCT-1520 ACCT-2520 (2 Cr.)
ACCT-1551 ACCT-1550 (3 Cr)
ACCT-2041 ACCT-2040 (3 Cr.)
ACCT-2500 ACCT-250A (2 Cr.) & ACCT-250B (2 Cr.)
ACCT-2995 ACCT-1321 (4 Cr.)
ACCT-1320 (4 Cr.)
ANTH-2110 ANTH-1030 (3 Cr.)
ART-2020 ART-1020 (3 Cr.)
ART-2030 ART-1030 (3 Cr.)
ART-1081 ART-1080 (3 Cr.)
ART-1301 ART-1300 (3 Cr.)
ART-1311 ART-1310 (3 Cr.)
ART-2152 ART-2151 (3 Cr.)
ART-2150 (3 Cr.)
ART-2180 ART-1110 (3 Cr.)
ART-2190 ART-1710 (3 Cr.)
ASL-1001 ASL-1000 (1 Cr.)
ASL-2412 ASL-2410 (3 Cr.)
ASL-2411 (4 Cr.)
ATCM-1321 ATCM-1320 (2 Cr)
ATCM-1341 ATCM-1340 (3)
ATCM-1401 ATCM-1400 (3 Cr)
ATCM-1411 ATCM-1410 (4)
ATCM-2531 ATCM-2530 (3 Cr)
ATCT-1301 ATCT-1300 (2 Cr.)
ATCM-2701 ATCM-2700 (3 Cr)
ATCT-1320 ATCT-2320 (2 Cr.)
ATCT-1331 ATCT-1330 (2 Cr.)
ATCT-1351 ATCT-1350 (2 Cr.)
ATCT-1381 ATCT-1380 (2 Cr.)
ATCT-1491 ATCT-1490 (2 Cr.)
ATCT-2341 ATCT-2340 (2 Cr.)
ATCT-2361 ATCT-2360 (2 Cr.)
ATCT-2511 ATCT-2510 (2 Cr.)
AUTO-1101 AUTO-1100 (2 Cr.)
AUTO-1502 AUTO-1501 (2 Cr.)
AUTO-1500 (2 Cr.)
AUTO-1510 AUTO-2470 (2 Cr.)
AUTO-2310 AUTO-1350 (2 Cr.)
AUTO-2701 AUTO-2700 (2 Cr.)
BADM-1000 OADM-1000 (2 Cr.)
BADM-1122 BADM-1121 (4 Cr.)
BADM-1120 (4 Cr.)
BADM-2220 (3 Cr.)
BADM-2200 (3 Cr.)
BADM-1301 BADM-1300 (4 Cr.)
BADM-2010 OADM-2010 (3 Cr.)
BADM-2120 BADM-2300 (3 Cr.)
BADM-2151 BADM-2150 (4 Cr.)
BADM-2161 BADM-2160 (3 Cr.)
BADM-2501 BADM-2500 (3 Cr.)
BADM-2601 BADM-2600 (3 Cr.)
MARK-2110 (2 Cr.)
BADM-2760 BADM-2510 (1 Cr.) & BADM-2520 (2 Cr.) & BADM-2530 (2 Cr.) & BADM-2620 (2 Cr.)
BADM-2780 BADM-2510 (1 Cr.) & BADM-2710 (2 Cr.) & BADM-2720 (2 Cr.) & BADM-2730 (1 Cr.)
BIO-2331 & BIO-2341 BIO-2330 (4 Cr.) & BIO-2340 (4 Cr.)
BIO-1430 (4 Cr.) & BIO-1440 (4 Cr.)
BIO-233A & BIO-234A BIO-2330 (4 Cr.)
BIO-1430 (4 Cr.)
BIO-233B & BIO-234B BIO-2340 (4 Cr.)
BIO-1440 (4 Cr.)
BT-1000 IT-1000 (2 Cr.)
OADM-1010 (2 Cr.)
BT-1201 AOS-1201 (4 Cr.)
AOS-1200 (3 Cr.)
ITAP-1200 (3 Cr.)
OADM-2300 (3 Cr.)
AOS-1230 (3 Cr.)
ITAP-1230 (2 Cr.)
OADM-1310 (3 Cr.)
BT-1241 AOS-1241 (3 Cr.)
ITAP-1240 (3 Cr.)
OADM-1040 (3 Cr.)
AOS-1240 (3 Cr.)
BT-1700 & BT-2700 BT-2220 (3 Cr.)
AOS-2220 (3 Cr.)
AOS-1250 (3 Cr.)
ITAP-1250 (3 Cr.)
OADM-1050 (3 Cr.)
BT-2040 IT-1030 (2 Cr.)
CS-1030 (2 Cr.)
BT-2200 AOS-2200 (3 Cr.)
ITAP-2200 (3 Cr.)
BT-2211 BT-2210 (2 Cr)
AOS-2210 (3 Cr.)
ITAP-2210 (3 Cr.)
BT-2270 AOS-2270 (3 Cr.)
ITAP-2270 (3 Cr.)
BT-2300 IT-2300 (3 Cr.)
CS-1410 (3 Cr.)
BT-2370 AOS-2370 (3 Cr.)
BT-2411 BT-2410 (3 Cr)
AOS-2410 (3 Cr)
BT-2830 AOS-2830 (1-3 Cr.)
BT-2990 AOS-2990 (3 Cr.)
BADM-2990 (3 Cr.)
OADM-2990 (3 Cr.)
CCR-1000 C&CR-1000 (1 Cr.)
CCR-1101 CCR-1100 (1 Cr)
C&CR-1100 (1 Cr)
CCR-1200 C&CR-1200 (2 Cr.)
CCR-1210 C&CR-1210 (2 Cr.)
CCR-1220 C&CR-1220 (4 Cr.)
CCR-1300 C&CR-1300 (4 Cr.)
CCR-1331 C&CR-1331 (2 Cr.)
CCR-1335 C&CR-1335 (2 Cr.)
CCR-1331 & CCR-1335 C&CR-1330 (2 cr.)
CCR-1341 C&CR-1340 (2 Cr.)
C&CR-1341 (2 Cr.)
CCR-1350 C&CR-1350 (3 Cr.)
CCR-1360 C&CR-2300 (3 Cr.)
CCR-1401 C&CR-1400 (2 Cr.)
C&CR-1401 (3 Cr.)
CCR-1451 C&CR-1450 (2 Cr.)
C&CR-1451 (3 Cr.)
CCR-1460 C&CR-1460 (2 Cr.)
CCR-1470 C&CR-1470 (2 Cr.)
CCR-1601 C&CR-1600 (5 Cr.)
C&CR-1601 (4 Cr.)
C&CR-1370 (3 Cr.)
C&CR-1371 (2 Cr.) & C&CR-1310 (2 Cr.)
CCR-2200 C&CR-2200 (3 Cr.)
CCR-2310 C&CR-2310 (2 Cr.)
CCR-2351 C&CR-2350 (2 Cr.)
C&CR-2351 (3 Cr.)
CCR-2360 C&CR-2360 (2 Cr.)
CCR-2401 C&CR-2400 (2 Cr.)
C&CR-2401 (3 Cr.)
CCR-2451 C&CR-2450 (2 Cr.)
C&CR-2451 (3 Cr.)
CCR-2470 C&CR-2470 (3 Cr.)
CCR-2480 C&CR-2480 (3 Cr.)
CCR-2510 C&CR-2510 (3 Cr.)
CCR-2550 C&CR-2550 (2 Cr.)
CCR-2602 C&CR-2600 (3 Cr.)
C&CR-2601 (3 Cr.)
C&CR-2602 (3 Cr.)
CCR-2660 C&CR-2660 (1 Cr.)
CCR-2841 C&CR-2840 (1 Cr.)
C&CR-2841 (2 Cr.)
CCR-2910 C&CR-2910 (1 Cr.)
CHEM-1000 PSCI-1020 (3 Cr)
CHEM-100L PSCI-101L (1 Cr)
CHEM-1081 CHEM-1080 (3 Cr)
CHIN-1011 CHIN-1010 (4 Cr.)
CHIN-1021 CHIN-1020 (4 Cr.)
CJ-1000 LAWE-1000 (3 Cr.)
CJ-1010 LAWE-1010 (2 Cr.)
CJ-1050 LAWE-1050 (2 Cr.)
CJ-1070 LAWE-1070 (2 Cr.)
CJ-1111 LAWE-1111 (3 Cr.)
LAWE-1110 (3 Cr.)
CJ-1120 LAWE-1120 (2 Cr.)
CJ-1130 LAWE-1130 (2 Cr.)
CJ-1120 & CJ-1130 LAWE-1100 (3 Cr.)
CJ-1200 LAWE-1200 (3 Cr.)
CJ-1300 LAWE-1300 (4 Cr.)
CJ-1310 LAWE-1310 (3 Cr.)
CJ-1320 LAWE-1320 (2 Cr.)
CJ-1330 LAWE-1330 (2 Cr.)
LAWE-2320 (3 Cr.)
CJ-1400 LAWE-1400 (4 Cr.)
CJ-1500 LAWE-1500 (4 Cr.)
CJ-2200 LAWE-2200 (3 Cr.)
CJ-2210 LAWE-2210 (3 Cr.)
CJ-2230 LAWE-2230 (3 Cr.)
CJ-2300 LAWE-2300 (3 Cr.)
CJ-2350 LAWE-2350 (3 Cr.)
CJ-2360 LAWE-2360 (3 Cr.)
CJ-2370 LAWE-2370 (3 Cr.)
CJ-2380 LAWE-2380 (3 Cr.)
CJ-2390 LAWE-2390 (4 Cr.)
LAWE-2310 (4 Cr.)
CJ-2400 LAWE-2400 (4 Cr.)
CJ-2410 LAWE-2410 (3 Cr.)
CJ-2420 LAWE-2420 (3 Cr.)
CJ-2440 LAWE-2440 (2 Cr.)
CJ-2510 LAWE-2510 (4 Cr.)
CJ-2530 LAWE-2530 (3 Cr.)
CJ-2830 LAWE-2830 (1-3 Cr.)
CJ-2840 LAWE-2540 (3 Cr.)
CJ-2990 LAWE-2990 (4 Cr.)
LAWE-2340 (3 Cr.)
CNST-1281 CNST-1280 (2 Cr.)
CNST-1410 ARCH-1410 (3 Cr.)
CNST-1420 ARCH-1420 (3 Cr.)
CNST-1731 CNST-1730 (2 Cr.)
CNST-2110 ARCH-2110 (3 Cr.)
CNST-2131 CNST-2130 (3 Cr)
ARCH-2320 (3 Cr)
CNST-2201 CNST-2200 (3 Cr.)
CNST-2210 ARCH-2210 (3 Cr.)
CNST-2250 CNST-2120 (3 Cr.)
ARCH-1430 (3 Cr.)
CNST-2330 CNST-2530 (3 Cr.)
ARCH-2420 (3 Cr.)
CNST-2410 ARCH-2410 (3 Cr.)
CNST-2631 CNST-2630 (3 Cr.)
ARCH-2220 (3 Cr.)
CNST-2990 CNST-2320 (3 Cr.)
ARCH-2310 (3 Cr.)
COMM-1000 SPCH-1000 (3 Cr.)
COMM-1010 SPCH-1010 (3 Cr.)
COMM-101H SPCH-101H (3 Cr.)
COMM-1050 SPCH-1050 (3 Cr.)
COMM-1210 SPCH-1210 (3 Cr.)
COMM-2000 SPCH-2000 (3 Cr.)
COMM-2010 SPCH-2010 (3 Cr.)
COMM-2020 SPCH-2020 (3 Cr.)
COMM-2050 SPCH-2050 (3 Cr.)
COMM-2110 SPCH-2110 (3 Cr.)
COMM-2150 SPCH-2150 (3 Cr.)
COMM-2160 SPCH-2160 (3 Cr.)
COMM-2180 SPCH-2180 (3 Cr.)
DANC-1501 DANC-1500 (3 Cr)
DANC-1401 DANC-1400 (3 Cr.)
DANC-2400 DANC-1410 (3 Cr.)
DENT-1210 BIO-1210 (4 Cr.)
DENT-1311 DENT-1310 (2 Cr.)
DENT-1331 DENT-1330 (3 Cr.)
DENT-1341 DENT-1340 (1 Cr.)
DENT-1431 DENT-1430 (3 Cr.)
DENT-2321 DENT-2320 (2 Cr.)
DENT-2332 DENT-2331 (3 Cr.)
DENT-2340 & DENT-2440 DENT-2410 (2 Cr.)
DENT-2990 DENT-2430 (1 Cr.)
DIET-1200 & DIET-1320 DIET-1300 (4 Cr.)
DIET-1331 DIET-1330 (6 Cr.)
DIET-2301 DIET-2300 (2 Cr.)
DIET-2311 DIET-2310 (2 Cr.)
DIET-2410 & DIET-2420 & DIET-2430 DIET-2400 (3 Cr.)
DIET-2501 DIET-2500 (3 Cr.)
DIET-2862 & DIET-2863 DIET-2861 (4 Cr.)
DIS-1300 ITP-1300 (3 Cr.)
DIS-1310 ITP-1310 (2 Cr.)
DIS-1402 DIS-1401 (3 Cr.)
ITP-1400 (2 Cr.)
DIS-1940 ITP-1850 (2 Cr.)
DIS-1850 (2 Cr.)
DIS-1971 ITP-1970 (1 Cr.)
DIS-1970 (1 Cr.)
DIS-2300 ITP-2300 (2 Cr.)
DIS-2310 ITP-2310 (2 Cr.)
DIS-2410 ITP-2410 (2 Cr.)
DIS-2940 ITP-2850 (2 Cr.)
DIS-2850 (2 Cr.)
DIS-2971 ITP-2970 (1 Cr.)
DIS-2970 (1 Cr.)
DMS-1071 PHYS-1070 (2 Cr.)
DMS-1070 (2 Cr.)
DMS-1303 DMS-1302 (1 Cr.)
DMS-1311 DMS-1310 (2 Cr.)
DMS-1351 DMS-1340 (1 Cr.) & DMS-1350 (1 Cr.)
DMS-1381 DMS-1380 (4 Cr.)
DMS-1401 DMS-1400 (3 Cr.)
DMS-1602 DMS-1360 (2 Cr.) & DMS-1601 (3 Cr.)
DMS-1702 DMS-1360 (2 Cr.) & DMS-1701 (4 Cr.)
DMS-1940 DMS-1911 (2 Cr.)
DMS-1910 (3 Cr.)
DMS-1950 DMS-1921 (4 Cr.)
DMS-1920 (4 Cr.)
DMS-2301 DMS-2300 (1 Cr.) & DMS-2310 (1 Cr.)
DMS-2330 DMS-1330 (3 Cr.)
DMS-2401 DMS-2400 (4 Cr.)
DMS-2602 DMS-1370 (2 Cr.) & DMS-2601 (3 Cr.)
DMS-2702 DMS-1370 (2 Cr.) & DMS-2701 (3 Cr.)
DMS-2940 DMS-1922 (6 Cr.)
DMS-2981 & DMS-2985 DMS-2980 (2 Cr.)
DMS-2991 DMS-2990 (1 Cr.)
ECED-1301 ECED-1300 (3 Cr.)
ECED-1311 ECED-1310 (2 Cr.)
ECED-1321 ECED-1320 (2 Cr.)
ECED-1331 ECED-1330 (4 Cr.)
ECED-2401 ECED-2400 (2 Cr.)
ECED-2700 ECED-1700 (3 Cr.)
ECON-2000 ECON-1620 (3 Cr.)
ECON-2620 (4 Cr.)
ECON-2010 ECON-1610 (3 Cr.)
ECON-2610 (4 Cr.)
EDUC-1011 EDUC-1010 (3 Cr.)
EDUC-1411 EDUC-1410 (3 Cr.)
EET-1015 EET-1001 (3 Cr.)
EET-1000 (2 Cr.)
EET-1035 EET-1021 (3 Cr.) & EET-1031 (3 Cr.)
EET-1010 (2 Cr.) & EET-1020 (2 Cr.) & EET-1030 (2 Cr.)
EET-1055 EET-1051 (2 Cr.) & EET-1071 (2 Cr.) & EET-1091 (1 Cr.)
EET-1050 (3 Cr.) & EET-1070 (1 Cr.) & EET-1040 (1 Cr.) & EET-1090 (1 Cr.)
EET-1081 EET-1080 (1 Cr.)
EET-1161 EET-1110 (3 Cr.)
EET-1160 (2 Cr.) & EET-1170 (2 Cr.)
EET-1180 EET-2160 (1 Cr.)
EET-1190 EET-2150 (1 Cr.)
EET-1195 EET-2530 (3 Cr.)
EET-1241 EET-1240 (3 Cr.)
EET-1303 EET-1302 (3 Cr)
EET-1301 (3 Cr)
EET-1300 (2 Cr)
EET-2112 EET-2111 (3 Cr)
EET-2110 (3 Cr)
EET-2242 EET-2240 (3 Cr.)
EET-2241 (3 Cr.)
EET-2303 EET-2300 (2 Cr.)
EET-2301 (3 Cr.)
EET-2302 (3 Cr)
EET-1312 (3 Cr)
EET-1311 (3 Cr)
EET-1310 (2 Cr)
EET-2313 EET-2310 (2 Cr.)
EET-2311 (3 Cr.)
EET-2312 (3 Cr)
EET-2901 EET-2900 (4 Cr.)
END-1311 END-1310 (3 Cr.)
END-1911 END-1910 (4 Cr.)
END-2412 END-2411 (3 Cr.)
END-2410 (2 Cr.)
END-1400 (2 Cr.)
END-2451 END-2450 (3 Cr.)
END-2911 END-2910 (4 Cr.)
END-2921 END-2930 (2 Cr.)
END-2931 END-2920 (4 Cr.)
EMT-1302 & EMT-130L EMT-1300 (5 Cr.) & EMT-1740 (1 Cr.)
EMT-1301 (7 Cr.)
EMT-1401 EMT-1400 (4 Cr.)
EMT-2330 & EMT-2340 EMT-2310 (10 Cr.)
EMT-2350 & EMT-2360 EMT-2320 (10 Cr.)
EMT-2371 EMT-2370 (5 Cr.)
EHST-1301 & EHST-1330 EHST-1300 (4 Cr.)
EHST-1351 EHST-1350 (3 cr.)
EHST-2221 EHST-2220 (2 Cr.)
EHST-1320 (2 Cr.)
EHST-132A (1 Cr.) & EHST-132B (1 Cr.)
EHST-2341 EHST-2340 (2 Cr.)
EHST-2352 EHST-2351 (2 Cr.)
EHST-2350 (2 Cr.)
EHST-2361 EHST-2360 (4 Cr.)
EHST-2371 EHST-2370 (2 Cr.)
EHST-2941 EHST-2940 (1-2 Cr.)
EHST-2991 EHST-2400 (1 Cr.)
EHST-2820 EHST-2990 (1 Cr.)
ENG-0985 ENG-0980 (6 Cr)
ENG-0995 ENG-0990 (6 Cr)
ENG-1001 ENG-1000 (3 Cr.)
ENG-2151 ENG-2150 (3 Cr.)
ENG-2601 ENG-2600 (3 Cr.)
ESCI-1030 PSCI-1030 (3 Cr)
ESCI-103L PSCI-103L (1 Cr)
ESL-1121 ESL-1120 (5 Cr.)
ESL-1131 ESL-1130 (3 Cr.)
ESL-1221 ESL-1220 (5 Cr.)
ESL-1231 ESl-1230 (3 Cr.)
ESL-1321 ESL-1320 (5 Cr.)
ESL-1331 ESL-1330 (3 Cr.)
FILM-1020 MARS-1020 (3 Cr.)
FILM-1120 MARS-1120 (1 Cr.)
FILM-1180 MARS-1180 (3 Cr.)
VCDV-1180 (3 Cr.)
FILM-2110 MARS-2110 (3 Cr.)
FILM-2120 MARS-2120 (3 Cr.)
FILM-2180 MARS-2180 (3 Cr.)
VCDV-2180 (3 Cr.)
FILM-2220 MARS-2220 (3 Cr.)
FILM-2280 MARS-2280 (3 Cr.)
VCDV-2280 (3 Cr.)
FILM-2380 MARS-2380 (3 Cr.)
VCDV-2380 (3 Cr.)
FILM-2480 MARS-2480 (3 Cr.)
FILM-2620 MARS-2620 (3 Cr.)
FILM-2680 MARS-2680 (3 Cr.)
VCDV-2680 (3 Cr.)
FILM-2720 MARS-2720 (3 Cr.)
FILM-2780 MARS-2780 (3 Cr.)
VCDV-2780 (3 Cr.)
FILM-2940 MARS-2940 (3 Cr.)
FILM-2990 MARS-2990 (2 Cr.)
FIN-1061 FIN-1060 (2 Cr.)
FIRE-2321 FIRE-2320 (3 Cr.)
FIRE-2351 FIRE-2350 (2 Cr.)
FIRE-2401 FIRE-2400 (2 Cr.)
GEN-1022 GEN-1021 (3 Cr.)
GEN-1020 (2 Cr.)
GEN-1033 GEN-1032 (2 cr.)
GEN-1031 (2 Cr.)
GEN-1030 (2 Cr.)
GEOG-2030 GEOG-1030 (3 Cr)
HTEC-1040 HLTH-1200 (2 Cr.)
HIM-1010 MA-1420 (1 Cr.)
HIM-1112 HIM-1110 (2 Cr.)
HIM-1111 (3 Cr.)
HIM-1111 & HIM-1120 MA-2520 (3 Cr.)
HIM-1121 HIM-1120 (3 Cr.)
HIM-1301 HIM-1300 (4 Cr.)
HIM-1311 HIM-1310 (2 Cr.)
HIM-1401 HIM-1400 (3 Cr.)
HIM-1411 HIM-1410 (2 Cr.)
HIM-1423 HIM-1421 (3 Cr.)
HIM-1420 (3 Cr.)
HIM-1422 (3 Cr.)
HIM-1432 HIM-1430 (2 Cr.)
HIM-1431 (3 Cr.)
HIM-2130 HIM-1130 (2 Cr.)
HIM-2130 & HIM-2150 HIM-2300 (4 Cr.)
HIM-2150 HIM-1150 (2 Cr.)
HIM-2312 HIM-2311 (2 Cr.)
HIM-2310 (3 Cr.)
HIM-2401 & HIM-2430 HIM-2400 (4 Cr.)
HIM-2441 HIM-2440 (2 Cr.)
HIM-2851 HIM-2850 (2 Cr.)
HIM-2861 HIM-2860 (2 Cr.)
HIST-2031 HIST-2030 (3 Cr.)
HIST-2051 HIST-2050 (3 Cr.)
HIST-2150 HIST-1710 (3 Cr.)
HIST-2160 HIST-1720 (3 Cr.)
HOSP-1031 HOSP-1030 (3 Cr.)
HOSP-1360 HOSP-1370 (3 Cr.)
HOSP-1451 HOSP-1450 (4 Cr.)
HOSP-1481 HOSP-1480 (2 Cr.)
HOSP-1552 HOSP-1550 (2 Cr.)
HOSP-1551 (3 Cr.)
HOSP-1650 & HOSP-1680 HOSP-1670 (3 Cr.)
HOSP-1940 HOSP-1860 (3 Cr.)
HOSP-186A (2 Cr.)
HOSP-186B (2 Cr.)
HOSP-1950 HOSP-1860 (3 Cr.)
HOSP-186C (2 Cr.)
HOSP-1960 HOSP-1860 (3 Cr.)
HOSP-186D (2 Cr.)
HOSP-2340 HOSP-1350 (3 Cr.)
HOSP-2371 HOSP-2370 (3 Cr.)
HOSP-2651 HOSP-2650 (4 Cr.)
HOSP-2700 HOSP-1700 (2 Cr.)
HOSP-2862 HOSP-2860 (4 Cr.)
HOSP-2861 (4 Cr.)
HOSP-2871 HOSP-2870 (4 Cr.)
HOSP-2992 & HOSP-2560 HOSP-2990 (2 Cr.)
HOSP-2991 (3 Cr.)
HS-1101 HS-1100 (3 Cr.)
HS-1400 (2 Cr.)
HS-1110 HS-2420 (2 Cr.)
HS-1200 HS-1310 (2 Cr.) & HS-2310 (2 Cr.)
HS-1210 HS-1320 (2 Cr.)
HS-1220 HS-1410 (2 Cr.) & HS-1420 (2 Cr.)
HS-2200 HS-2320 (2 Cr.)
HS-2300 HS-2410 (2 Cr.)
HS-2600 HS-2510 (2 Cr.) & HS-2520 (2 Cr.)
HUM-175H HUM-1750 (3 Cr.)
INTD-1101 INTD-1100 (2 Cr.)
INTD-1111 INTD-1110 (2 Cr.)
INTD-2851 INTD-2850 (3 Cr.)
ISET-1101 ISET-1100 (2 Cr.)
ISET-2131 ISET-2130 (4 Cr.)
ISET-2151 ISET-2150 (3 Cr.)
IT-1010 OADM-1020 (3 Cr.)
IT-1040 CS-1320 (3 Cr.)
IT-1050 CS-1350 (3 Cr.)
IT-1060 OADM-1060 (2 Cr.)
IT-1090 IT-1010 (3 cr.)
IT-109H IT-101H (3 Cr.)
IT-1150 ITWM-1010 (3 Cr.)
IT-2030 ITWM-2030 (4 Cr.)
IT-2320 ITWM-2320 (4 Cr.)
IT-2351 IT-2350 (4 Cr.)
IT-2620 ITMP-2620 (4 Cr.)
IT-2650 ITMP-2650 (4 Cr.)
IT-2660 ITMP-2660 (4 Cr.)
IT-2670 CS-2670 (4 Cr.)
ITMP-2670 (4 Cr.)
IT-2700 CS-2700 (3 Cr.)
ITNT-2300 CS-2400 (3 Cr.)
JAPN-1011 JAPN-1010 (4 Cr.)
JAPN-1021 JAPN-1020 (4 Cr.)
JAPN-2011 JAPN-2010 (4 Cr.)
JAPN-2021 JAPN-2020 (4 Cr.)
JAPN-2411 JAPN-2410 (3 Cr.)
JAPN-2421 JAPN-2420 (3 Cr.)
JMC-2001 JMC-2000 (3 Cr.)
JMC-1210 JMC-2210 (3 Cr.)
MA-1110 HIM-1118 (1 Cr.)
MA-1321 & MA-132L MA-1300 (2 Cr.) & MA-1310 (2 Cr.)
MA-1320 (3 Cr.)
MA-1403 & MA-140L MA-1400 (2 Cr.)
MA-1401 (1 Cr.) & MA-140L (1 Cr.)
MA-1402 (2 Cr.) & MA-140L (1 Cr.)
MA-1503 & MA-150L MA-1500 (3 Cr.)
MA-1501 (3 Cr.)
MA-1502 (3 Cr.) & MA-150L (1 Cr.)
MA-2010 MA-1030 (2 Cr.)
MA-2413 & MA-240L MA-1410 (3 Cr.)
MA-2410 (3 Cr.)
MA-2411 (3 Cr.)
MA-2412 (2 Cr.) & MA-241L (1 Cr.)
MA-2841 MA-2840 (3)
MARK-1080 BADM-1080 (3 Cr)
MARK-2081 BADM-2080 (3 Cr)
MARK-2080 (3 Cr)
MARK-2090 BADM-2090 (3 Cr)
MARK-2261 MARK-2260 (3 Cr.)
MATH-0855 MATH-0850 (2 Cr.)
MATH-0955 MATH-0950 (4 Cr.)
MATH-0960 (4 Cr.)
MATH-0980 (5 Cr.)
MATH-0965 MATH-1280 (5 Cr.)
MATH-1270 (4 Cr)
MATH-1200 (4 Cr.)
MATH-1100 MATH-1141 (3 Cr.)
MATH-1140 (2 Cr.)
MATH-1060 (3 Cr.)
MATH-1240 MATH-1250 (4 Cr.)
MATH-1141 (3 Cr.)
MATH-1140 (2 Cr.)
MATH-1530 MATH-1521 (4 Cr.)
MATH-1520 (3 Cr.)
MATH-152H (3 Cr.)
MATH-153H MATH-152H (4 Cr.)
MATH-1521 (4 Cr.)
MATH-1520 (3 Cr.)
MATH-1540 MATH-1510 (3 Cr.)
MATH-151H (3 Cr.)
MATH-154H MATH-151H (3 Cr.)
MATH-1510 (3 Cr.)
MET-1120 MIT-1100 (2 Cr.)
MET-1230 MET-1200 (2 Cr.) & MET-1220 (2 Cr.)
MIT-1200 (2 Cr.) & MIT-1220 (2 Cr.)
MET-1240 MIT-1250 (3 Cr.)
MET-1261 MET-1260 (3 Cr.)
MET-1300 MIT-1300 (3 Cr.)
MET-1400 MIT-1600 (3 Cr.)
MET-1601 MET-1600 (2 Cr.)
MET-1621 MET-1620 (2 Cr.)
MET-1631 MET-1630 (3 Cr.)
MET-2000 MIT-2000 (3 Cr.)
MIT-1700 (3 Cr.)
MET-2041 MET-2040 (3 Cr.)
MIT-2040 (3 Cr.)
MIT-1950 (3 Cr.)
MET-2050 MIT-2051 (3 Cr.)
MIT-2050 (3 Cr.)
MET-2191 MET-2190 (3 Cr.)
MET-2220 MIT-2700 (3 Cr.)
MET-2400 MIT-2400 (3 Cr.)
MET-2422 MET-2420 (4 Cr.)
MET-2421 (2 Cr.)
MET-2500 MIT-2200 (3 Cr.)
MET-2601 MET-2600 (3 Cr.)
MET-2730 MIT-2730 (3 Cr.)
MET-2740 MIT-2740 (3 Cr.)
MET-2830 MIT-2830 (1-3 Cr.)
MET-2941 MET-2940 (1 Cr.)
MJS-1010 JMC-1012 (3 Cr.)
MJS-1310 JMC-1310 (3 Cr.)
MJS-1320 JMC-1320 (3 Cr.)
MJS-1610 JMC-1610 (3 Cr.)
MJS-2000 JMC-2001 (3 Cr.)
JMC-2000 (3 Cr.)
MJS-2010 JMC-2010 (4 Cr.)
MJS-2040 JMC-2040 (3 Cr.)
MJS-2050 JMC-2050 (3 Cr.)
MJS-2060 JMC-2060 (3 Cr.)
MJS-2220 JMC-2221 (3 Cr.)
JMC-2220 (3 Cr.)
MJS-2310 JMC-2310 (3 Cr.)
MJS-2410 JMC-2411 (3 Cr.)
JMC-2410 (3 Cr.)
MT-1242 & MT-1272 MT-1240 (4 Cr.)
MT-1241 (4 Cr.)
MT-1272 & MT-1280 MT-1270 (4 Cr.)
MT-1271 (4 Cr.)
MT-1302 MT-1300 (4 Cr.)
MT-1301 (3 Cr.)
MT-1312 MT-1310 (3 Cr.)
MT-1311 (4 Cr.)
MT-1321 MT-1320 (3 Cr.)
MT-1331 MT-1330 (3 Cr.)
MT-2201 MT-2200 (2 Cr.)
MT-2301 MT-2300 (4 Cr.)
MT-2311 MT-2310 (3 Cr.)
MT-2350 MT-2341 (3 Cr.)
MT-2340 (2 Cr.)
MT-2342 (2 Cr.)
MT-2360 MT-2851 (3 Cr.)
MT-2850 (4 Cr.)
MT-2852 (2 Cr.)
MT-2380 MT-2870 (2 Cr.)
MT-2701 MT-2700 (2 Cr.)
MT-2861 MT-2860 (4 Cr.)
MT-2991 MT-2990 (1 Cr.)
MUS-1460 MUS - All deleted Applied Music I classes are equivalent – see music department faculty coordinators
MUS-1470 MUS - All deleted Applied Music II classes - see music department faculty coordinators
MUS-2460 MUS - All deleted Applied Music III classes - see music department faculty coordinators
MUS-2470 MUS - All deleted Applied Music IV classes - see music department faculty coordinators
NMED-1301 & NMED-130L NMED-1300 (4 Cr.)
NMED-2301 & NMED-230L NMED-2300 (4 Cr.)
NMED-2410 NMED-2400 (3 Cr.)
NURS-1451 NURS-1401 (4 Cr.) & NURS-1500 (4 Cr.)
NURS-1450 (8 Cr.)
NURS-1601 NURS-1600 (8 Cr.)
NURS-2301 NURS-2300 (9 Cr.)
NURS-2501 NURS-2500 (9 Cr.)
OPT-1411 OPT-1410 (2 Cr.)
OPT-1421 OPT-1420 (2 Cr.)
OPT-1621 OPT-1620 (3 Cr.)
OPT-1721 OPT-1720 (3 Cr.)
OPT-1911 OPT-1910 (4 Cr.)
OPT-2501 OPT-2500 (2 Cr.)
OPT-2702 OPT-2701 (3 Cr.)
OPT-2861 & OPT-2970 OPT-2330 (2 Cr.) & OPT-2430 (3 Cr.) & OPT-2530 (3 Cr.) & OPT-2630 (3 Cr.)
OPT-2870 & OPT-2980 OPT-2440 (3 Cr.) & OPT-2540 (3 Cr.) & OPT-2640 (2 Cr.) & OPT-2700 (3 Cr.) & OPT-2860 (2 Cr.)
OTAT-1980 MA-1980 (2 Cr.)
PE-1031 PE-1030 (1 Cr.)
PE-1041 PE-1040 (1 Cr.)
PE-1051 PE-1050 (1 Cr.)
PE-1421 PE-1420 (2 Cr.)
PHM-1751 PHM-1750 (1 Cr.)
PHIL-2031 PHIL-2030 (3 Cr.)
PHYS-1010 PSCI-1010 (3 Cr)
PHYS-101L PSCI-101L (1 Cr)
PL-1001 PL-1000 (2 Cr.)
PL-1401 PL-1400 (3 Cr.)
PL-1502 PL-1500 (3 Cr.)
PL-1501 (2 Cr.)
PL-2420 PL-1420 (3 Cr.)
PL-2440 & PL-2460 PL-1440 (4 Cr.)
PL-2301 PL-2300 (3 Cr.)
PL-2401 PL-2400 (3 Cr.)
PL-2421 PL-2420(3 Cr.)
PL-2991 PL-2990 (1 Cr.)
PNUR-1322 PNUR-1321 (7 Cr.)
POL-2020 POL-1040 (3 Cr.)
POL-2030 POL-1030 (3 Cr.)
POL-2041 POL-2040 (3 Cr)
POL-2070 POL-1070 (3 Cr.)
POL-2100 POL-1100 (3 Cr.)
PST-1311 PST-1310 (3 Cr.)
PST-1321 PST-1320 (3 Cr.)
PST-1331 PST-1330 (2 Cr.)
PST-1351 PST-1350 (2 Cr.)
PST-1411 PST-1410 (3 Cr.)
PST-1431 PST-1430 (3 Cr.)
PST-1441 PST-1440 (3 Cr.)
PST-1500 & PST-2200 PST-2350 (3 Cr.)
PTAT-1311 & HTEC-1000 PTAT-1310 (3 Cr.)
PTAT-1312 PTAT-1311 (2 Cr.)
PTAT-1401 PTAT-1400 (3 Cr.)
PTAT-1411 PTAT-1410 (5 Cr.)
PTAT-2301 PTAT-2300 (3 Cr.) & PTAT-2320 (3 Cr.)
PTAT-2341 PTAT-2340 (1 Cr.)
PTAT-2840 & PTAT-2850 PTAT-2950 (3 Cr.)
RADT-1351 RADT-1350 (3 Cr.)
RADT-1911 RADT-1910 (7 Cr.)
RADT-2361 RADT-2360 (2 Cr.)
RADT-2401 RADT-2400 (3 Cr.)
RADT-2610 RADT-251A (1 Cr.)
RADT-2620 RADT-251B (1 Cr.)
RADT-2630 RADT-251C (1 Cr.)
RADT-2640 RADT-251D
RADT-2650 RADT-252A (1 Cr.)
RADT-2660 RADT-252C (1 Cr.)
RADT-2670 RADT-252D (1 Cr.)
RADT-2911 RADT-2910 (7 Cr.)
RADT-2921 RADT-2920 (5 Cr.)
RAT-1311 RAT-1310 (4 Cr.)
RAT-1511 RAT-1510 (3 Cr.)
RAT-2311 RAT-2310 (3 Cr.)
RAT-2341 RAT-2340 (3 Cr.)
RESP-1421 & RESP-142L RESP-1420 (3 Cr.)
RESP-2342 RESP-2340 (2 Cr.)
RESp-2341 (1 Cr.)
RESP-2940 RESP-2910 (3 Cr.)
RESP-2950 RESP-2920 (5 Cr.)
RESP-2960 RESP-2930 (5 Cr.)
SES-2410 SES-2210 (3 Cr.)
SES-2420 SES-2220 (3 Cr.)
SOC-2020 SOC-1210 (3 Cr.)
SOC-2051 SOC-2050 (3 Cr.)
SPAN-1011 SPAN-1010 (4 Cr.)
SPAN-1021 SPAN-1020 (4 Cr.)
SPAN-2411 SPAN-2410 (3 Cr.)
SPCH-2020 SPCH-2030 (3 Cr.)
SURT-1700 MA-1700 (4 Cr.)
SURT-1710 MA-1710 (4 Cr.)
SURT-1861 SURT-1860 (2 Cr.)
MA-1860 (2 Cr.)
SURT-1911 SURT-1910 (4 Cr.)
SURT-1921 SURT-1920 (4 Cr.)
SURT-2851 SURT-2850 (3 Cr.)
SURT-2862 SURT-2861 (4 Cr.)
THEA-2210 THEA-1210 (3 Cr.)
THEA-2220 THEA-1220 (3 Cr.)
VC-1000 CART-1050 (2 Cr.)
VC&D-1000 (3 Cr.)
VC&D-1100 (2 Cr.)
VC&D-1110 (2 Cr.)
VC-1061 CART-1060 (3 Cr.)
VC&D-1060 (3 Cr.)
VC&D-1061 (3 Cr.)
VC-1201 VC&D-1200 (3 Cr.)
VC&D-1201 (3 Cr.)
VC-1431 CART-1310 (1 Cr.) & CART-131L (1 Cr.) & CART-1600 (1 Cr.) & CART-160L (1 Cr.)
VC&D-1300 (1 Cr.) & VC&D-130L (1 Cr.) & VC&D-1400 (1 Cr.) & VC&D-140L (1 Cr.)
VCDP-1360 (2 Cr.)
VC&D-1430 (3 Cr.)
VC&D-1431 (3 Cr.)

VC&D-1431 (3 Cr.)
VC-1940 VC&D-1940 (1-3 Cr.)
VC-2301 CART-2310 (2 Cr.)
VC&D-2300 (2 Cr.)
VC&D-2301 (3 Cr.)
VC-2541 VC&D-2541 (3 Cr.)
VC-2830 VC&D-2830 (1-3 Cr.)
VC-2940 VC&D-2940 (1-3 Cr.)
VC-2991 CART-2700 (2 Cr.)
GCMT-2510 (2 Cr.)
VC&D-2990 (2 Cr.)
VC&D-2991 (3 Cr.)
VCAD-2520 CART-2500 (2 Cr.)
VCAD-2621 VCAD-2620 (2 Cr.)
VCAD-2721 VCAD-2720 (2 Cr.)
VCGD-1500 CART-1500 (2 Cr.)
VC&D-1500 (3 Cr.)
VCGD-2131 CART-2430 (2 Cr.)
VCGD-2130 (2 Cr.)
VCGD-2232 CART-2420 (2 Cr.)
VCGD-2230 (2 Cr.) & VC&D-2200 (2 Cr.)
VCGD-2231 (3 Cr.)
VCGD-2331 CART-2410 (2 Cr.)
VCGD-2330 (2 Cr.)
VCGD-2431 CART-2440 (2 Cr.)
VCGD-2430 (2 Cr.)
VCIL-1142 CART-1340 (2 Cr.)
VCIL-1140 (2 Cr.)
VCIL-1141 (3 Cr.)
VCIL-2142 VCIL-2141 (3 Cr.)
VCIL-2641 VCIL-2640 (2 Cr.)
VCIL-2741 VCIL-2740 (2 Cr.)
VCIM-1570 GCMT-2471 (3 Cr.)
GCMT-2470 (3 Cr.)
VCIM-1770 VCIM-1670 (2 Cr.)
VCIM-2072 VCIM-2071 (3 Cr.)
VCIM-2070 (3 Cr.)
GCMT-2480 (3 Cr.)
VCIM-2271 GCMT-2490 (3 Cr.)
VCIM-2270 (3 Cr.)
ART-2151 (3 Cr.)
VCIM-2281 VCIM-2280 (3 Cr.)
VCIM-2291 VCIM-2290 (3 Cr.)
VCIM-2070 (3 Cr.)
GCMT-2480 (3 Cr.)
VCIM-2371 GCMT-2711 (3 Cr.)
VCIM-2370 (3 Cr.)
VCIM-2470 GCMT-1610 (2 Cr.)
VCIM-2571 VCIM-2570 (3 Cr.)
VCIM-2401 VCIM-2400 (3 Cr.)
VCIM-2700 CART-2450 (2 Cr.)
VC&D-2700 (2 Cr.)
VC&D-2701 (3 Cr.)
VCPH-1050 GCMT-1500 (3 Cr.)
VCPH-1150 GCMT-1540 (3 Cr.)
VCPH-1261 VCPH-1260 (3 Cr.)
VCPH-1450 GCMT-1600 (3 Cr.)
VCPH-2050 GCMT-2500 (3 Cr.)
VCPH-2260 VCPH-1350 (3 Cr.)
VCPH-2000 (3 Cr.)
GCMT-1520 (3 Cr.)
VCPH-2450 GCMT-2600 (3 Cr.)
VCPH-2541 VCPH-2540 (2 Cr.)
VCPH-2550 GCMT-2560 (3 Cr.)
VCPH-2660 VCPH-2350 (3 Cr.) & VCPH-2650 (3 Cr.)
VCPH-2760 VCPH-2150 (3 Cr.)
VCPH-2991 VCPH-2990 OR VCPH-2530
VT-1120 VT-1300 (2 Cr.)
VT-1100 (1 Cr.) & VT-1200 (1 Cr.)
VT-1325 VT-1320 (3 Cr.)
VT-1410 VT-1500 (4 Cr.)
VT-1521 VT-1520 (2 Cr.)
VT-1700 VT-1450 (2 Cr.)
VT-1451 (2 Cr.)
VT-2402 VT-2401 (2 Cr.)
VT-2412 VT-2411 (2 Cr.)
VT-2520 VT-2500 (2 Cr.) and VT-2510 (2 Cr.)
VT-2200 & VT-2610 & VT-2650 VT-2600 (3 Cr.)

Cross-Listed Courses

Cross-listed courses are identical courses offered in two or more subject areas. They may differ in subject area code and course number. Credit may be earned once for cross-listed courses. If a course is cross-listed with another course that fills a general education or program requirement, either course meets the requirement.

Cross-Listed Course Equivalent Course
ACCT-2990 BADM-2501
ART-2152 VCIM-2271
BADM-1460 PL-1460
GEOG-1740 CNST-1740
HLTH-1310 EMT-1310
POL-2120 WST-2120
WST-2020 HIST-2020

Standard and Honors Courses

Standard Course Equivalent Honors Course
ART-2020 ART-202H
ART-2030 ART-203H
BADM-2010 BADM-201H
BIO-1500 BIO-150H
BIO-1510 BIO-151H
CHEM-1010 CHEM-101H
CHEM-1020 CHEM-102H
CHEM-1300 & CHEM-130L CHEM-130H
CHEM-1310 & CHEM-131L CHEM-131H
COMM-1010 COMM-101H
ENG-1010 ENG-101H
ENG-1020 ENG-102H
ESCI-1410 ESCI-141H
HIST-1010 HIST-101H
HIST-1020 HIST-102H
HIST-1510 HIST-151H
HIST-1520 HIST-152H
None HUM-175H
IT-1090 IT-109H
MATH-1540 MATH-154H
MATH-1530 MATH-153H
MATH-1610 MATH-161H
MATH-1620 MATH-162H
MATH-2310 MATH-231H
PHIL-1010 PHIL-101H
PHIL-2020 PHIL-202H
PHIL-2050 PHIL-205H
POL-1010 POL-101H
PSY-1010 PSY-101H
PSY-2010 PSY-201H
PSY-2020 PSY-202H
SOC-1010 SOC-101H
SOC-2010 SOC-201H
None WST-200H

Deleted Courses with No Equivalency

The following courses have been deleted from the College course inventory and no replacements have been indicated. If you are required to take one of these courses to meet your degree requirements, please see the faculty coordinator or program manager in that department to discuss your options.

ANTH-1020Physical Anthropology3
AOS-1220Speed Building
AOS-2400Virtual Portfolio Project
AOS-2600Voice Recognition Technology
ATEL-1300Direct Current Fundamentals
ATBL-1300Basic Bricklaying Trade Skills
ATBL-1310 Bricklaying, Materials, Tools and Equipment
ATBL-1320Basic Construction Drawings
ATBL-1330Wall Construction I
ATBL-1340Arch Construction I
ATBL-1350Introduction to Refractory
ATBL-1360Blue Print Reading for Bricklayers I
ATBL-1370Construction Trades Safety
ATBL-1390Grouting and Reinforcement
ATBL-1530 Wall Construction II
ATBL-1540 Arch Construction II
ATBL-1950Construction Trades Field Experience
ATBL-2110Concrete for Bricklaying
ATBL-2120Mortar Types and Identification
ATBL-2140Introduction to Bricklayer Foreman
ATBL-2510Advanced Brick-Block Construction
ATBL-2520Step Paving Assembly Construction
ATBL-2530Door and Window Construction
ATBL-2710Advanced Bricklaying Skills
ATEL-1310Alternating Current Fundamentals
ATEL-1330National Electric Code
ATEL-1350Industrial Safety
ATEL-1360Bluepring Fundamentals - Electrical
ATEL-2300Industrial Electronics Fundamentals I
ATEL-2310Industrial Electronics Fundamentals II
ATEL-2350Programmable Logic Controllers
ATEL-2500AC/DC Motors & Generators
ATEL-2510Motor Controls
ATEL-2700Electrical Instrumentation
ATSD-1300Introduction to Sign and Display
ATSD-1330Hand Tools for Sign and Display
ATSD-1620Plastic Face fabrication and Techniques
ATSD-2330Sign Lighting and Wiring
ATSD-2340Advanced Welding
ATSD-2350Structural Steel and Support Fabrication
ATSD-2360Computerized Manufacture of Signs
ATSD-2370Letter Fabrication
ATSD-2390Advanced Blueprints for Sign and Display
ATSD-2460 Computerized Sign Design
ATTC-1340 AD Circuits/Telephony
ATTC-1350Premises Cabling
ATTC-1360Network Cabling
ATTC-2300Advanced Telecommunications
AUTO-1001Introduction to Automotive Service Procedures
AUTO-1010Shop Safety and Lab Procedures1
AUTO-1200Introduction to Automotive Service Manuals and Information Systems1
AUTO-130AAutomotive Engines Principles1
AUTO-130BAutomotive Engines: Laboratory Competencies1
AUTO-130CAutomotive Engines: Advanced Laboratory Competencies1
AUTO-135AManual Transmission and Drivetrain: Principles1
AUTO-135BManual Transmission and Drivetrain: Laboratory Competencies1
AUTO-140AAutomotive Alignment, Steering, and Suspension: Principles1
AUTO-140BAutomotive Alignment, Steering, and Suspension: Laboratory Competencies1
AUTO-145AAutomotive Braking Systems: Principles1
AUTO-145BAutomotive Braking Systems: Advanced Principles1
AUTO-145CAutomotive Braking Systems: Laboratory Competencies1
AUTO-150AAutomotive Electrical Fundamentals: Principles1
AUTO-150BAutomotive Electrical Fundamentals: Laboratory Competencies1
AUTO-230AAutomatic Transmissions: Principles1
AUTO-230BAutomatic Transmissions: Laboratory Competencies1
AUTO-235AAutomotive HVAC: Principles1
AUTO-235BAutomotive HVAC: Laboratory Competencies1
AUTO-240AEngine Performance: Principles1
AUTO-240BEngine Performance: Laboratory Competencies1
AUTO-240CEngine Performance: Advanced Laboratory Competencies1
AUTO-245AAutomotive Electronic Engine Controls1
AUTO-245BAutomotive Electronic Engine Controls: Laboratory Competencies1
AUTO-245CAutomotive Electronic Engine Controls: Advanced Laboratory Competencies1
AUTO-247AAutomotive Electrical Systems: Principles1
AUTO-247BAutomotive Electrical Systems: Laboratory Competencies1
AUTO-250AAutomotive Electrical Diagnosis: Principles1
AUTO-250BAutomotive Electrical Diagnosis: Laboratory Competencies1
AUTO-2600Hybrids and Alternative Fuel Systems3
BADM-1060Leadership Seminar1
BADM-2020Leadership Theory3
BADM-2030Management Development3
BADM-2040Strategic Leadership3
BADM-1090Social Media Content Strategies
BT-1005Computer Fundamentals
BT-2150Legal Document Preparation
BT-2370Office Meeting and Event Coordination
BADM-2230Value Analysis3
BADM-2290Urban Agribusiness Management3
BADM-2420CPS Review: Management, Finance and Business Law3
BIO-1700Introduction to Biotechnology
BIO-1710Basic Laboratory Skills for Biotechnology
C&CR-1410Precision Writing I - Using Brief Forms
C&CR-1420Precision Writing II-Arbitraries in Legal Vocabulary
C&CR-1610Speed Development I1
C&CR-1620Speed Development II1
C&CR-1630Speed Development III1
C&CR-2460Speed Enhancement
C&CR-2490Speedbuilding and Transcription at 230 WPM
C&CR-2651Technical Terminology II3
CNST-1420Architectural CAD II3
CNST-2150Building Enclosures
CNST-2250Advanced Construction Print Reading
CNST-2410Principals of Structural Design
CNST-2360Energy Auditing & Weatherization3
CJ-1020Introduction to Homeland Security
CJ-1300Patrol Operations
CJ-1310Traffic Enforcement and Investigation
CJ-2370Fire Arms Techniques
CJ-2380Defensive Driving
CNST-2420Sustainable Design & Supervision3
DAST-1200Oral Structures3
DAST-1300Dental Assisting Methods3
DAST-1310Dental Assisting Radiology3
DAST-1320Dental Office Management3
DAST-1330Reimbursement for Dental Services3
DAST-1400Dental Assisting Methods II3
DAST-1410Dental Assisting Radiography II2
DAST-1420Current Concepts for the Dental Assistant1
DIET-1150Nutrition for Children and Families2
DIET-1340Health Food Exploration2
DMS-1260Pediatric Cardiovascular Anatomy, Physiology, and Assessment2
DMS-2000Sonographic Case Studies1
DMS-2370Advanced Sonographic Physical Principles and Flows3
DMS-2921Directed Practice III3
ECED-101AChildren’s Development and Types of Programs in Early Childhood1
ECED-101BTheoretical Foundations of Early Childhood1
ECED-101CCurriculum and Inclusion in Early Childhood1
ECED-101DEarly Childhood Curriculum in the Classroom1
ECED-1600Beginning Writing and Reading3
ECED-2610Language, Literacy and Print-Sound Code3
ECED-2620Assessment in Early Literacy3
ECED-2630Mentoring in Early Literacy3
ECON-1220Economic Development of the American Economy
ECON-2700Economics - Money and Banking
EET-1060PC Networking2
EET-2250Industrial Electronics II3
EET-2130Telecommunications II3
EET-2131Digital Communiction Fundamentals
EET-2140Digital Circuits/Microprocessors II3
EET-2231Wired & Wireless Communication
EET-2230Telecommunications III3
EET-2590Telecommunications Design Project2
EET-2591Communications Design Project
EET-2710Solar Power, Energy Storage and Conversion
EHST-1301Introduction to Environmental Technology
EHST-1310Introduction to Environmental Law
EHST-1330: Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response
EHST-1351Safety and Health in the Workplace: OSHA 30 General Industry, OSHA 10 Construction, First Aid/CPR
EHST-135ASafety and Health in the Workplace: OSHA 30 General Industry
EHST-135BSafety and Health in the Workplace OSHA 10 Construction
EHST-1360Fundamentals of OSHA Compliance
EHST-1810 ST: OSHA Standards-511
EHST-2221Introduction to Safety and Health Management
EHST-2310CERCLA Superfund Sites2
EHST-2341Hazardous Material Transportation
EHST-2352Evacuation and Emergency Planning
EHST-2361Environmental Sampling and Analysis
EHST-236AEnvironmental Sampling and Analysis
EHST-236BIndustrial Hygiene
EHST-2380Risk Assessment
EHST-2390 Solid and Hazardous Waste Management
EHST-2820Independent Advanced Study in Environmentall Health and Safety Technology
EHST-2941Field Experience
EHST-2991Professional Practice
END-1410Beginning Polysomnography
END-1421Intermediate Polysomnography I
END-142LIntermediate Polysomnography I Lab
END-1430Intermediate Polysomnography II
END-1934Polysomnography Directed Practice I
ENG-0960Reading Improvement
ENG-2040Poetry Workshop
ENG-2050Personal & Reflective Writing
ESL-1240Accent Reduction for Non-Native Speakers
ESL-1250Introduction to American Culture
ESL-1350ESL/ESOL Spoken English through Idioms and Phrasal Verbs
ESL-1410English as a Second Language
ESL-1420Intensive English Program Writing IV
ESL-1440Intensive English Program Reading for Speakers of Other Languages
ESL-144LIntensive Reading Lab
ESL-1460ESL/ESOL for Special Purposes - Medicine
FIN-1110Principles of Finance2
FIRE-1300Fire Tactics and Strategy
FIRE-1400Chemistry of Hazardous Materials
FIRE-1600Fire Prevention
FIRE-2351Building Construction for Fire Protection
FIRE-2401Fire Protection Hydraulics and Water Supply
FIRE-2600Fire Investigation Methods
FIRE-2700Fire Service Training and Public Relations
FIRE-2730Managing Fire Service
FIRE-2990Fire Technology Professional Study
GCMT-1001Orientation to Publishing Industries2
GCMT-1010Orientation to Publishing Laboratory1
GCMT-1220Digital Output Systems I2
GCMT-1230Digital Output Systems II2
GCMT-1250Variable Data Document Creation and Printing2
GCMT-1340Imaging Science2
GCMT-1350Image Reproduction and Film Assembly2
GCMT-1410Integrating Production and Design for Graphic Products3
GCMT-2300Print Production Materials2
GCMT-2311Substrate Imaging and Finishing4
GCMT-2320Offset Printing2
GCMT-2340Imposition, Layout, Bindery and Finishing3
GCMT-2350Printing Production and Operations Management2
GCMT-2360Customer Service and Sales Support2
GCMT-2370Printing Estimating2
GEN-1050Organizing Your Employment Campaign2
HIM-1010Basic Medical Transcription
HIM-2420Trends in Health Information Management2
HS-1010Community Care Coordinator I2
HS-1020Community Care Coordinator II2
HS-1030Community Care Coordinator III2
HS-1230Chemical Dependency Diagnosis3
INTD-1300Color and Light in Interiors
INTD-1330Coordinating Spaces
INTD-1350Business of Interiors
INTD-1400Interior Decorating Field Experience
IT-1100Fundamentals of iOS Application Development
ITMF-1310Internal Computer Functions2
ITMF-1500Application Program Development I: COBOL5
ITMF-2530Application Program Development II: COBOL5
ITMF-2550Application Program Development III: COBOL, CICS, SQL5
ITMF-2610Assembly Language Programming4
ITMP-1060Introduction to Programming Concepts3
ITMP-2630Advanced Visual Basic Programming4
ITNT-2340Netware Administration I3
ITNT-2440Netware Administration II3
ITWM-2990E-Commerce Technologies3
JMC-1020Introduction to Mass Communications II3
JMC-1410Staff Practice
JMC-2420Advanced Television Production
LAWE-2430Contemporary Security Problems3
MARK-2990Marketing Case Analysis1
MATH-1050Mathematics for Technology3
MATH-1180Intermediate Algebra for Technologies4
MET-2020Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing2
MET-2150Printing & Scanning for Reverse Engineering and Inspection3
MIT-2030Industrial Drawing Essentials3
MIT-2150Motion and Time Study3
MIT-2120Facilities Design and Material Handling3
MIT-2220Advanced AutoCAD3
MLT-1350Problem Solving Techniques for the Medical Laboratory1
MLT-1460Hematology I3
MLT-1470Blood Bank and Serology I3
MLT-1480Clinical Microbiology I3
MLT-1500Clinical Chemistry I3
MLT-2460Hematology II2
MLT-2470Blood Bank and Serology Ii2
MLT-2481Clinical Microbiology II2
MLT-2500Clinical Chemistry II3
MLT-2850Medical Laboratory Practicum II2
MT-1400Overview and Assessment in Geriatric Massage Therapy
MT-2400Geriatric Massage Technique
MT-2410Health and Aging
NMED-1600Radiopharmacy and Chemistry for Nuclear Medicine4
NMED-1700Nuclear Medicine Instrumentation4
NURS-2400Health Management1
OPT-2670Optical Development
PE-1031Introduction to Lifetime Fitness I
PE-1041Introduction to Lifetime Fitness II
PE-1320Deep Water Exercise
PE-1380Aqua Kickboxing
PE-1450Intermediate Yoga
PE-1510Beginning Middle Eastern Belly Dance
PE-1520Intermediate Middle Eastern Belly Dance
PE-2020Water Safety Instructor
PL-2000Law Office Administration
PL-2030Legal Nurse Consulting
PL-2330Advanced Medicolegal Research
PL-2430Medical Record Review and Analysis
PL-2530Marketing and Management for the Legal Nurse
PNUR-1310Fundamentals of Nursing4
PNUR-1320Nursing Management of Adults I4
PNUR-1340Nursing Care of Families4
PST-1500Basic Landscape Contracting3
PST-2200Advanced Landscape Contracting3
PST-2340Plant Pathology3
PST-2360Plant Pathology3
PST-2440Design IV – Advanced Landscape Design3
PST-2410Garden Center Operations I3
PST-2420Garden Center Operations II3
RAT-2350Audio Mastering
RAT-2440Sound for Theatre
RAT-2520Acoustics and Recording Studio Design
REAL-1301Principles and Practices of Real Estate3
REAL-1321Diversity Awareness and Fair Lending3
REAL-1331Loan Origination3
REAL-1401Real Estate Law3
REAL-1501Valuation of Residential Properties1
REAL-1601Real Estate Finance1
REAL-2300Real Estate Brokerage2
REAL-2310Loan Processing2
REAL-2330Loan Underwriting2
REAL-2340Mortgage Loan Servicing2
REAL-2360Community Development in Mortgage Lending3
REAL-2400Real Estate Sales2
REAL-2500Commercial and Industrial Real Estate2
REAL-2600Real Estate Management2
REAL-2700Valuation of Income Properties2
REAL-2940Mortgage Finance Field Experience1-2
REL-2030Religious Traditions of Islam
REL-2040Religious Traditions of India
REL-2050Religious Traditions of China and Japan
RESP-1410Beginning Polysomnography2
RESP-1421Intermediate Polysomnography I2
RESP-142LIntermediate Polysomnography I-Lab1
RESP-1430Intermediate Polysomnography II3
RESP-1440Neurophysiology of Sleep3
RESP-1934Directed Practice I3
RESP-2934Directed Practice II3
SPCH-0910Basic Communication Skills
SPCH-2010Advanced Public Speaking
SPCH-202AInterviewing Overview
SPCH-202BSelection Interviewing
SPCH-202CWorkplace Interviewing
SPCH-2060Interviewing for Information
SPCH-2070Relational Interviewing
SPCH-2110Argumentation and Debate
SPCH-2120Forensics Activity
SPCH-2130Business and Professional Communication
SSCI-1030Introduction to Social Science3
SSCI-1040Introduction to Social Science II3
THEA-1300Fundamentals of Theatrical Makeup
THEA-1320Introduction to Stage Costumes
THEA-1400Stage Design I - Scenery
THEA-1410Stage Design II - Scenery and Lighting
VC&D-2530Professional Practice in Visual Communication & Design
VC&D-1015Digital Studio Basics
VC&D-2401Designing for Production
VCDP-1160Troubleshooting Computer Publishing Systems2
VCDP-1260Digital Page Layout2
VCDP-2260Color Scanning and Reproduction2
VCDP-2360Digital Production and Layout3
VCDP-2760Estimating and Production Management3
VCDV-2580Digital Versatile Disk (DVD) Authoring and Design3
VCGD-2631Graphic Design Studio3
VCIL-1440Surface Design2
VCIL-2140Illustration with Prismacolor2
VCIL-2240Illustration in Pen and Ink2
VCIL-2340Illustration with Watercolor2
VCPH-1050Black and White Photography I3
VCSI-1020Practices and Procedures in Scientific Imaging3
VCSI-1350Basic Photography for Scientific Imaging3
VCSI-1450Scientific Imaging I3
VCSI-2020Scientific Imaging II3
VCSI-2450Image Analysis3
VCSI-2530Professional Ethics and Scientific Imaging Practice3
VCSI-2990Scientific Imaging III3
WST-2050Personal & Reflective Writing