Program description

The Experienced Manager Certificate is a 6 ½ day program designed to provide a tailored development experience for seasoned supervisors to mid-managers. The program focuses on elevating skills and behaviors critical to supporting senior leadership in connecting and communicating business strategy back to the day to day. Fine tuning leadership skills and behaviors will help to further engage, inspire, and drive teams and results forward.

Complete all 11 courses to receive the certificate:
Take the cohort, which includes all 11 courses, for one low fee:
ZLDR-0189The Experienced Manager Certificate (Cohort)5.2
Or register for the classes individually:
ZLDR-0181The 4 Essential Roles of Leadership: Execute Your Team’s Strategy and Goals0.4
ZLDR-0182Speed of Trust Foundations0.8
ZLDR-0183Team Excellence0.4
ZLDR-0185Ongoing Performance Management0.4
ZLDR-0186Coaching for Accelerated Performance0.4
ZLDR-1288Emotional Intelligence (EQ) 2.00.4
ZLSS-1109Building Process Excellence0.4
ZLSS-1113Practical Problem-Solving0.4
ZPDI-1187Dynamic Presentation Skills0.4

Program cost

Visit the Corporate College website here for pricing.

Financial aid eligibility

This program is not Federal Financial Aid/Pell Eligible.

Scholarships, payment plans, and other financial aid options may be available.  For more information, call 216-987-3075

Upon completion students receive

Certificate of Completion for each course as well as a Program Certificate 

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