Captioning and Court Reporting

Captioning and Court Reporting, Associate of Applied Business

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CCR-1350Legal Terminology3
CCR-1360Court Procedures (Court Procedures)3
Select one of the following options:
Option A
Introduction to Stenographic Court Reporting
Realtime Theory I
Option B
Introduction to Voice Writing
Voicewriting I 1
Voicewriting II 1
Select one of the following:3
College Composition I
Honors College Composition I
CCR-2200Medical Terminology for Captioning and Court Reporting3
CCR-2351Editing Legal Documents3
MATH-1xxx1000-level MATH course or higher3
Select one of the following options:
Option A
Realtime Theory II
Realtime Theory III
Option B
Voicewriting III
CCR-1451Speedbuilding and Transcription at 140 WPM3
Realtime Theory IV (Option A)
CCR-1601Court Reporting Technology4
CJ-1120Criminal Court Procedures2
CCR-2401Speedbuilding and Transcription at 180 WPM3
CCR-2602Technical Terminology3
Arts and Humanities3
Social and Behavioral Sciences requirement3
CCR-2451Speedbuilding and Transcription at 225 WPM3
CCR-2470Advanced Technology3
CCR-xxxxAny C&CR elective course1-3
Communication requirement3


(A) Court Reporting

Court Reporting Option teaches students to utilize stenotype machines and software.

CCR-1100Introduction to Voice Writing1
CCR-1300Realtime Theory I4
CCR-1331Realtime Theory II2
CCR-1335Realtime Theory III2
CCR-1341Realtime Theory IV2
Additional program courses51-53
Total Credit Hours62-64

(B) Voicewriting

Voicewriting Option teaches students to utilize voice-recognition software and technology. Voicewriting technology enables users to create and edit documents, send email, access the internet and perform other functions in a hands-free environment.

CCR-1100Introduction to Voice Writing1
CCR-1200Voicewriting I2
CCR-1210Voicewriting II2
CCR-1220Voicewriting III4
Additional program courses51-53
Total Credit Hours60-62

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