All Tri-C campuses and the Brunswick University Center offer course placement and testing services. Tri-C assesses students’ English and math skills and prescribes enrollment in appropriate English, math and English as a Second Language courses to maximize opportunities for open access, equity and academic excellence.

The following students must participate in the assessment and placement process prior to registration:

  • All students registering for an initial English, math or English as a Second Language course;
  • All students who register for 12 or more credits during their initial term at Tri-C;
  • All students who have accumulated a total of 12 credits during previous terms; and
  • All applicants who are currently in high school.

Students may take the English and math placement tests twice without charge within a two year period.  Placement scores will be valid for a maximum of two years after the test administration date and the highest eligible placements will be considered for registration purposes.  Persons holding a college degree may have the assessment process waived.

Students whose native language is not English must take the College's English as a Second Language test.

Students may use qualifying ACT or SAT scores instead of taking the math and English placement tests.

Students who perform well on the placement tests may reduce the number of courses they are required to take. Therefore, students must complete mandatory test preparation prior to testing for the first time. Students should contact their preferred campus Testing Center for more information about placement testing and the mandatory test preparation process.

Fast Forward

Fast Forward, Tri-C's foundational learning program, requires that students who place into developmental classes enroll in these classes during their first semester. Completing developmental courses first increases students’ basic skills, which can increase their chances of success in college-level coursework.